The Suns Could Reportedly Bring the Power of Mickey Mouse to Phoenix

Phoenix could transform into a futuristic city in the near future, and one of the project’s driving forces is Mickey Mouse. The mouse will productively work with Disney to revitalize downtown Phoenix, and it’s possible that his power may be able to look down on some historical buildings as well.

The “epic mickey 2” is a new attraction that will be opening in Phoenix, Arizona. The attraction will bring the power of Mickey Mouse to the city and it is expected to be an instant hit among families who love Disney.

The Phoenix Suns’ 17-game winning run is overshadowed by an ugly issue. However, the ugliness surrounding the NBA’s investigation into current Suns governor Robert Sarver’s alleged wrongdoings might eventually give birth to something more wonderful.

It’s unclear if Sarver will be compelled to hand up command of the team. However, if that is the true, the Suns might be imbued with Mickey Mouse’s power.

Robert Sarver, the current Suns governor, is being investigated by the NBA.

According to league sources, the Suns’ lawyers have demanded papers from them, including emails, human resources records, and information on non-disclosure agreements.

December 1, 2021 — Baxter Holmes (@Baxter)

Following their first NBA Finals appearance since 1993, the Suns started the 2021-22 season with high expectations. However, when ESPN’s Baxter Holmes published a bombshell piece alleging sexism and racism against Suns governor Robert Sarver, those positive vibes went sour.

During Sarver’s 17-year stint as the organization’s president, almost 70 current and former club workers say that he made racially offensive statements regarding players and personnel. According to many sources, Sarver used the N-word. If the NBA wanted to investigate, one current employee stated the NBA would be “appalled” by what happened in Phoenix.

The league has initiated an investigation into the accusations. Attorneys overseeing the NBA’s probe started seeking records from the club earlier this week, according to Holmes.

If the NBA finds that there was misconduct, Sarver might be thrown out of his position as governor. As a result, the Suns will need to choose a new leader. One of the people that is interested has a tight relationship with Chris Paul, which is interesting.

Bob Iger, the outgoing Disney chief, is said to be interested in purchasing the squad.

The NBA and Disney already have a relationship, with the two companies collaborating to construct a “bubble” that enabled the 2019-20 season to be completed while saving the league over $1 billion.

The NBA and Disney’s relationship may now get more intimate.

Over the weekend, Matthew Belloni of Puck claimed that departing Disney executive chairman Bob Iger is interested in purchasing the Suns. Iger will step down as CEO of Disney at the end of January 2022.

Iger has informed at least a few acquaintances that if the Phoenix Suns become available, which may happen in the next several months, he’d love to lead a bid for them.

–Puck’s Matthew Belloni

“Formal” talks, according to Belloni, have not taken place. He did say, though, that Iger is friendly with NBA Commissioner Adam Silver.

Iger also has a tight relationship with CP3, the former president of the National Basketball Players Association (NBPA). Last year, he referred to Paul as a “very good buddy,” according to Belloni.

Is it feasible that Phoenix may become the Magical Kingdom’s newest extension?

There are still stumbling blocks on Iger’s path to acquiring the Suns.

L-R: Phoenix Suns governor Robert Sarver watches a WNBA game and Disney executive Bob Iger speaks at a conference Left to Right: Christian Petersen/Getty Images and Charley Gallay/Getty Images for Disney | Robert Sarver (L) and Bob Iger (R)

Iger’s apparent interest in purchasing the Suns is now meaningless.

Sarver has yet to be sanctioned by the NBA. There is precedence for removing a sitting governor, as the NBA banned former Los Angeles Clippers governor Donald Sterling for life in 2014 after an inquiry. The Sarver investigation, on the other hand, may take months to complete.

Even if the NBA tries to remove Sarver, the Suns’ co-owners may have the “right of first refusal,” according to Belloni. Silver would also have to start the standard selling procedure. Nonetheless, Iger’s relationships to Silver and Paul make him a more fascinating role if the club is eventually sold.

The Suns’ blazing start to the season demonstrates they’re no Mickey Mouse competitors, but it’s not unthinkable that the team may adopt some Disney flare in the future.

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