Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl Elite Four Guide

The Elite Four is the final challenge in Pokemon games. They are four of the toughest trainers to date, but they have their weaknesses so you can succeed with a little strategy and effort! This guide will help you take down these powerful forces before reaching your goal: The Champion.

The “pokemon brilliant diamond elite four guide” is a website that has been made to help new players through the Elite Four. The site includes tips and tricks for each member of the Elite Four, as well as information on how to beat them.

Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl Elite Four Guide

The Elite Four in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl provide a unique challenge. Sinnoh’s top Pokemon trainers, like the region’s Gym Leaders, march to the beat of their own Belly Drum.

The remakes stay true to the originals in that the Elite Four don’t always adhere to one type, and when they do, at least one’mon is thrown into the mix to derail your plan.

We suggest going in with a team of at least level 55 or higher, which shouldn’t take too much grinding owing to the remakes’ party-wide EXP Share.

Aaron’s Pokemon BDSP Elite Four Tips


Aaron is a bug master, but each of his Pokemon has a dual type, which makes this fight more difficult than it seems at first. Fighting, Flying, Rock, and Fire Pokemon are all good possibilities for this fight, and you should emphasize speed to defeat Beautifly and Heracross before they ruin your party.

  • Dustox (lv. 53, Bug/Poison) – This is a straightforward battle that you can easily win with a Flying type or a powerful Flying technique like Aerial Ace.
  • Beautifly (lv. 53, Bug/Flying) — Due to its type, Beautifly is vulnerable to a number of weaknesses, including Electric and Flying. Take it down as soon as possible, whatever option you choose. If you take too long, Shadow Ball and Psychic will shred your squad apart.
  • Vespiquen (lv. 54, Bug/Flying) – Vespiquen requires a powerful Rock or Flying type, such as Staraptor. Defeat it as soon as possible before Defense Order transforms it into a buggy fortress.
  • Aaron’s secret prize combatant is Heracross (level 54, Bug/Fighting). If you use Rock Slide or Earthquake, you’ll have a hard time dealing with Flying and Fire kinds, respectively, unless they move quickly. This is a battle where you may want to be inventive, like as employing a Ghost type like Gengar or Dusclops to counter its Normal and Fighting attacks.
  • Drapion (lv. 57, Poison/Dark) – Drapion isn’t a bug, but your regular Dark fallbacks won’t cut it here. It’s a smart idea to take advantage of Drapion’s Ground weakness, or you may simply go with your strongest Pokemon.

Bertha Tips for Pokemon BDSP Elite Four


Bertha was in such a bad way. It was unfair of her training tutor to tell her to continue with Ground Pokemon. Ground Pokemon are vulnerable to common kinds like Grass and Water and, in most instances, lack the ability to oppose them. When you combine poor speed with disadvantageous dual typings, you get a squad that is vulnerable to exploitation. 

  • Quagsire (lv. 55, Water/Ground) — Grass is Quagsire’s 4x weakness. You should be able to finish this fight in one round by using a Giga Drain.
  • Sudowoodo (Rock, level 56) – Not a Ground type. Although it is still vulnerable to Grass and Water, you may wish to utilize an X Defense to protect your squad from its strong attack.
  • Similarly to Quagsire, Golem (lv. 56, Rock/Ground) — This may be ended with a strong Grass move or even a Water move.
  • Whiscash (level 55, Water/Ground) – Whiscash is the team’s thorn in the flesh. It also has a 4x Grass vulnerability, but it learns Ice Beam and can dispatch any pure Grass types on your squad quickly. However, swapping a quick Psychic type with a Drain move is one approach to get around this problem.
  • Bertha’s finale, Hippowdon (lv. 59, Ground), also has an Ice move, but it’s so sluggish that you should be able to take it out in one round. Use a Water type instead if you don’t want to take any chances. Hippowdon is unaware of any moves that are harmful to Water kinds.

Flint Tips for Pokemon BDSP Elite Four


In Sinnoh’s Pokemon League, Flint is the odd man out. In theory, he’s a Fire master, but he only owns two Fire Pokemon (this is Sinnoh, after all). To deal with his wild cards, Electric and Fighting are two strong options, and a Ground type might also be useful. Rock isn’t worth your time. Flint’s Fire kinds are both capable of smashing rocks.

  • Rapidash (lv. 58, Fire) – Flint’s Rapidash boasts a diverse set of techniques, including Poison Jab and Iron Tail, among others. For this one, a strong Water or Ground type is your best bet.
  • Steelix (lv.57, Steel/Ground) – Steelix is weak to Fire and doesn’t know Ground techniques, so you can deal with him with your own Fire type. If it isn’t possible, a Ground Pokemon or move is the next best option. Steelix’s Thunder Fang is poisonous to Water types.
  • Drifblim (lv. 58, Ghost/Flying) – Quickly defeat Drifblim before it employs Minimize to ruin your life. Because it has a poor defense, a physical Electric move or Crunch are effective options.
  • Lopunny (lv. 57, Normal) – For Lopunny, choose a powerful physical attacker to prevent difficulties with its Mirror Coat move. Because Lopunny’s sole flaw is fighting, a Fighting move or Pokemon is suitable.
  • Infernape (lv. 61, Fire/Fighting) — Infernape is one of the Elite Four’s toughest trials thus far. Because of its high speed and attack, Thunder Punch will almost always strike first, putting your Water types at a huge disadvantage. Bring out the Ground Pokemon or a quick Psychic type for this one.

Lucan Tips for Pokemon BDSP Elite Four


Unless you come prepared, Lucian’s squad is formidable. At least one Dark or Ghost Pokemon, as well as Pokemon with good special defense, are required. He’s actually easier to deal with than Flint, despite being the last of the Elite Four.

  • Mr. Mime (Psychic/Fairy, lv 59) – For this battle, put the Dark’mon on the bench. You’ll need a Ghost type or simply physical force to complete this match now that Mr. Mime possesses a Fairy move.
  • Girafarig (Normal/Psychic, level 59) — Crunch should be able to take care of this one shortly. 
  • Medicham (lv. 60, Fighting/Psychic) – A Ghost type or, better yet, a tougher Pokemon with a Ghost move can easily dispatch Medicham. Medicham is a powerful opponent, yet most Ghosts are fragile.
  • Alakazam (Psychic, level 60) — Alakazam is a simple spell. Utilize a powerful Dark Pokemon or a move to rapidly beat it before it can use Nasty Plot and become practically invincible.
  • Bronzong (lv. 63, Psychic/Steel) – For Bronzong, Ghost or Dark is your best bet. Don’t bother with a Fire type since it already understands Earthquake.

Cynthia, the BDSP Champion, has some advice for you.


Cynthia is the most difficult trainer in both Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl. Her squad can’t be taken down by just one or two Pokemon — though an Ice type is a smart choice — since she has a diverse roster with even more diverse movesets.

  • Spiritomb (lv. 61, Ghost/Dark) — Fairy is Spiritomb’s only vulnerability. If your party lacks a Fairy type or moves, you’ll have to rely on your best Pokemon, preferably one with a strong special defense. Spiritomb’s moves are entirely special-based, with the exception of Sucker Punch.
  • Roserade (Grass/Poison, level 60) – Roserade is a swift and powerful Pokemon, but its Grass vulnerabilities may be exploited by a skilled Fire or Ice Pokemon. Cynthia’s Roserade understands Shadow Ball, so stay away from Psychic.
  • Gastrodon (level 60, Water/Ground) – Gastrodon is a simple Pokemon, but its Sludge Bomb makes it a danger against Grass Pokemon. However, since it moves slowly, you should be able to perform a deadly Grass move before it reacts.
  • Lucario (lv. 63, Fighting/Steel) — Because Lucario is Steel, you’ll need to use Fire or Ground to destroy it. Its distinctive Aura Sphere move and the unexpected Dragon Pulse mean it’ll certainly do a lot of damage regardless of any type you bring in.
  • Milotic (Water, lv. 63) — When dealing with Milotic, the best choice is to use a physical Electric move. Ice Beam makes it too risky for Grass types to take the field, while Mirror Coat will wipe off your special attackers.
  • Garchomp (Dragon/Ground, level 66) — Fairy types should stay away from this one, since her Garchomp is familiar with Poison Jab. Garchomp’s dual type means it has a 4x vulnerability to ice, therefore it’s the best pick. Make sure you have a Pokemon that can reduce attack as a backup. You’ll need a way to lower Garchomp’s attack to tolerable levels if it uses Swords Dance more than once.

That concludes the Elite Four of Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl. You’ve become the Champion of Sinnoh, but there are still some mysteries to solve. For further information, see our Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl guides.

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The “pokemon brilliant diamond elite four teams” is a guide that will help you beat the Elite Four in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl.

Frequently Asked Questions

What to do after elite four brilliant diamond?

A: This may sound like a difficult question for me, but it is really not. There are several ways to go about this. You can create an entirely new world with the developers of Beat Saber using their tools and resources by understanding how they do things internally or you could try your hand at scripting in Java or Python with some guidance that would be provided online through tutorials on YouTube channels such as The GameTheorist

What level are Cynthias Pokemon in brilliant diamond?

A: Cynthias Pokemon are level 16.

Will mega evolutions be in brilliant diamond and shining pearl?

A: No, mega evolutions are only available in the Brilliant Emerald and Shining Platinum releases.

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