Fear the Walking Dead Showrunner Explains Morgan’s Shocking Decision

Morgan’s decision to kill the kids in the hospital has been a controversial one, and showrunner Dave Erickson tried to answer fans’ questions about it during an interview on Talking Dead.

The “was morgan bitten in fear the walking dead” is a question that has been floating around since Morgan was seen with a bite mark on his arm in the season finale of Fear the Walking Dead. The showrunner, Dave Erickson, explains what happened and why.

Fear the Walking Dead Showrunner Explains Morgan's Shocking Decision



This post includes spoilers for Fear the Walking Dead’s “The Portrait,” which aired on Sunday. The cold war between Morgan Jones (Lennie James) and Victor Strand (Colman Domingo) has gone nuclear. A conflict that has been simmering since last season, when Strand sacrificed Morgan by tossing him to walkers in a desperate effort to stop Teddy’s (John Glover) nuclear warheads from igniting, erupts within The Tower, where Strand must choose which of Morgan’s companions to hide. Wendell (Daryl Mitchell) and the Dories (Jenna Elfman and Keith Carradine) were admitted, but Morgan’s nuclear family of Grace (Karen David) and Baby Mo were turned away, leaving them to fend for themselves in the aftermath of the nuclear-zombie apocalypse.

Co-showrunner Andrew Chambliss outlines Morgan’s action against Strand ahead of the mid-Season 7 finale “Padre” after the spoiler summary of “The Portrait”:   

Recap of “The Portrait”

When Morgan arrives to The Tower to seek assistance for a sick Baby Mo suffering from a double ear infection, Strand offers Morgan temporary access because he needs Morgan to do a task that he cannot. “Doing what I ask will be the only way you’ll see that young kid again,” Strand offers over cocktails. 

Arno (Spenser Granese) and the Stalkers attack the Tower with a catapult laden with walkers packed with radioactive material from an undetonated bomb. If Strand continues to turn them away, the Stalkers will fire tainted walkers at the structure, rendering it uninhabitable.

Morgan begs Strand to let him radio Grace and Sarah (Mo Collins) outside The Tower so they can fight off the Stalkers with the MRAP vehicle nearby, but Strand fears Morgan is working for the bad guys. Strand agrees when Morgan persuades him that he would not use explosives on his daughter.

Strand abruptly falls due to Methylene Blue toxicity, which June decides. Whether he survives or dies is determined on the quantity of food consumed and when it was consumed. 

Strand accepts Morgan’s offer to travel six stories down to the armory and radio Grace for rescue, delirious and desperate. Strand states he trusts no one except himself, suspecting even his right-hand man Howard (Omid Abtahi) of poisoning him. Strand insists that Morgan bring Baby Mo down to the armory and rescue The Tower as collateral. 

Morgan gets it past the walkers in a bombed-out elevator shaft and instructs Strand to drop the baby down if he turns from the poison. “You were given to him by the cosmos. This tower was given to me by the cosmos “Strand tells Mo. “We’re both attempting to rescue things we care about.”  

When Morgan arrives at the armory, Strand explains why he allowed Morgan inside The Tower: to assist him in finding the still-missing Alicia Clark (Alycia Debnam-Carey). Strand admits, “I don’t believe she’d want me to locate her.” “But with you… I’m sure she’d think otherwise.”

Strand drops asleep due to dehydration and awakens to discover the Stalkers have fled, having been fended off by Grace and Sarah. Strand’s poison in his system wasn’t enough to kill him, so Morgan takes June to check on him. 

“I expected her to try to prevent me from doing what I needed to do. But that wasn’t enough,” adds Strand, who in “The Beacon” hurled Will (Gus Halper) from The Tower top to keep Alicia at bay.” Morgan will track for Alicia, but Strand must transform The Tower into a place where she would want to dwell. 

Strand has a feeling Morgan will track down Alicia. “That we will.” 

Fear the Walking Dead’s Alicia Clark’s Fate Is Revealed

Strand notices Morgan’s soiled blue thumb and thinks his Scotch has been poisoned. “If I had known what Arno was doing, I would never have placed everyone’s life in jeopardy!” Morgan admits during the subsequent conflict. “I stopped them,” Morgan responds when asked whether he was cooperating with them.

Morgan admits to attempting to assassinate Strand. He overpowers Strand and tells him, “You left me no option.” “We were on the verge of dying out there!” 

Strand condemns Morgan to death and orders his Rangers to toss him from The Tower’s roof onto his walker horde below. Grace bargains for Morgan’s life from the phone box outside The Tower: let him live, and she’ll help Strand identify and remove the explosive contaminant walkers released into his zombie moat encircling The Tower.

Strand agrees with one condition: Morgan would be expelled and thrown into the fallout, but Grace and Mo will remain within The Tower under his authority — and no one will be allowed to leave.  

A hissing Strand instructs Howard to fetch him the infant as Morgan starts off on his hunt for Alicia. “She’ll have to adjust to her new father over time.” 

The Meaning of the Ending of “The Portrait”  

“[Howard] is baffled as to why Strand would invite Morgan to The Tower. It’s because [Strand] is lonely, and he needs an equal in here, but Morgan isn’t that equal. In truth, Alicia is that equal “On AMC+’s Fear TWD: Episode Insider, Chambliss stated. “And the only reason he let Morgan in was because he believes Morgan is the one person who can go out into the world, locate Alicia, and persuade her to return.” 

Strand built a light atop his Tower to attract the dead and murdered Will to keep Alicia away, but “he still needs what everyone else needs,” Chambliss added. “Colman was able to fully appreciate what he had contributed to the character. On the other side, there’s Lennie, who’s portraying Morgan in a difficult situation.”

“But he genuinely does stick to moral standards as long as he is concentrated and in his right mind,” Chambliss said of Morgan’s action against Strand. “However, in this episode, he takes a significant step forward by attempting to take Strand’s life when one may argue that there are alternative options.” 

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