Movie theater fans should take current problems seriously, but not lose all hope

Movie theater fans are experiencing a lot of problems these days, especially with the recent price hike. The industry is in need of major changes to keep up with the times, but not all hope is lost.

The i miss going to the cinema is a statement that many people make after feeling nostalgic. However, there are some problems with the movie theater industry that should not be ignored and need to be addressed.



I’ve already written about my deep affection for movie theaters. A movie theater, apart from an actual church, is basically my spiritual home, as I’ve said. Popsugar just published an article that showed that I’m not alone in my love of movies.

Following the destruction of the theatrical business in 2020, 2021 has been a roller coaster of emotions. Recent reports on the future of theaters have been so wildly disparate that it’s easy to get whiplash. Some spectators may appreciate some more straightforward explanations of what’s going on.

What has theater companies and their fans worried?

The Marvel movie “Black Widow” is to blame for a lot of the current emotional upheaval. The film was eventually released in July after being delayed for almost a year.

At first, it seemed as though we were back in the pre-COVID epidemic era. Scarlett Johansson’s role as the sole star of a Marvel epic drew large crowds to the theaters. There was a lot of optimism about the future of movie theaters. Then, all of a sudden, it wasn’t so much. After a tremendous start, “Black Widow” sort of went off the rails.

This is something that may happen with theatrical releases. It may sometimes, but not always, imply that the film was badly received by the crowd.

And that it has a poor reputation as a result of it. This, however, did not seem to be the case with “Black Widow.” Audiences and reviewers alike overwhelmingly praised the film. Overall, I thought it was great. Many of the explanations for the abrupt decrease focused on one thing: Disney+.

At the same time, Marvel and Disney launched “Black Widow,” which is now accessible on Disney+ and in cinemas.

In addition to the current streaming fees, at a fairly eye-popping sum of about $30.

To cut a long tale short, it has been seen by some as a warning that cinemas are doomed. And it’s true: a large number of individuals chose to see the film at home. And that cinema streaming is the unavoidable future.

These concerns aren’t completely new.

Especially with the release of COVID-19, so many cinema and television fans have become even more familiar with streaming. And that box office receipts have fluctuated a lot throughout the years.

There’s also the reality that theaters haven’t been earning the kind of money they’d hoped for. Because, hey, a pandemic is still going on, and people are naturally suspicious of organizations. Yes, the movie theater business has had a difficult time.

Why there is still hope for movie buffs

We have no way of knowing what the future holds for this sector or any other. People analyzing the “Black Widow” scenario, on the other hand, have a tendency to oversimplify matters. It’s not as simple as folks preferring to stream rather than attend to the theater.

There are a number of reasons to continue to believe in the cinematic approach, including those mentioned below.

For one thing, there is still a worldwide health crisis going on, as much as many would want to ignore. If it hadn’t been, the film would very certainly have made more money than the expected booku dollars. And it’s still being created. The box office numbers for “Black Widow” have been enormous by virtually any measure. Just not to the degree that one would expect from a Marvel film. Outside of the United States, where Disney+ is often unavailable or unavailable, things were more typical. The demand for a theatrical experience remains strong among moviegoers. During COVID-19, even drive-in cinemas have experienced a revival.

Even yet, box office receipts were considerably higher than those for streaming. And the chasm turned out to be much bigger than anticipated. People have a tendency to overlook certain details. Streaming services, for example, don’t always retain all of the money they charge customers. Major portions of the money Disney paid consumers to see “Black Widow” would be diverted to other projects. People have acquired their streaming gadgets from places like Amazon, Apple, and other places.

Another problem caused by the new coronavirus is a lack of capability. Many, if not all, theaters still don’t accept the kinds of audiences they used to. Ticket sales are automatically capped at a lower level from the start.

Even yet, many of the headlines around major film releases have focused on how they outperformed predictions. Warner Bros. embraced the practice of simultaneous releases wholeheartedly. HBO Max was used in their case. However, they seem to have become less enthusiastic about the idea. According to Yahoo, they seem to be planning a return to more conventional theatrical releases in 2022. Netflix, the original king of streaming, is also available. They started creating their own material, much like so many other streaming providers. Rather of relying nearly entirely on streaming, they’re allegedly seeking to expand their theatrical presence. Companies like Warner Bros. and Netflix would not exist unless they believed cinemas had a promising future.

“A Quiet Place Part II” and “F9” were two of the most popular films of 2021. Both films were released exclusively in cinemas and performed very well. With no streamer information, Paramount and Universal saw massive come in via the conventional way.

What occurred with ‘Black Widow’ is most likely due in part to Disney and Marvel.

In fact, it’s possible that some of Disney’s streaming efforts have backfired. It was also, in some instances, very predictable. According to reports, some Disney+ members have been organizing watching parties for the film. (It’s worth noting that crowding together in probable smaller places isn’t any safer than going to a movie theater at COVID times.) People who would have had to pay for their own tickets are now able to watch the film for free.

Other issues, like as piracy, become more of a concern as a result of the streaming technique.

According to reports, Disney hoped that the approach would bring in a slew of new subscribers. It didn’t work out. The majority of those who paid to see the simultaneous release were already paying members. People may not have wanted to spend about $40 to watch television at home.

And the repercussions may prove to be more difficult for Disney than they had expected. The dissatisfaction of theater chains and devoted theatergoers was presumably anticipated, at least to some degree. But the fact that it was inspired by two of the world’s most famous actors, maybe not so much. Disney has gotten on Scarlett Johansson’s bad side over it, despite their lengthy working relationship.

Kevin Feige, the president of Marvel Studios, had wanted to work with her in the future. Perhaps as part of a Disney+ slate of Marvel programming, ironically. That may, unfortunately, be in question at the moment. But it’s not just Johansson; Disney has reportedly enraged Emma Stone as well. Whose film, “Cruella,” was also released by Disney at the same time.

Before “Black Widow,” Marvel takes creative choices about Johansson’s character. Many fans were disappointed with what they did to her character in “Endgame.” Knowing what happens to her in those events has made some people publicly less excited to eventually watch her own film. In addition, casual fans may be confused as to where “Black Widow” fits within the chronology.

Some people may choose to ignore the sort-of-but-not-sort-of-prequel.

People who like going to the theater should still take it seriously, and there are things they can do to assist.

Despite the many reasons to be hopeful, theatergoers should not take anything for granted. People have written off theaters in the past. The industry survived with the introduction of television, home video, and beyond. However, we are living in unusual times, and the future remains unclear.

If you’re going to the movies, be sure you follow the safety precautions. I do, and I even bring a few more with me. It may also assist cinemas in making you wait a bit longer to watch your preferred film. At the start of a show, the studios typically have a large percentage of ticket sales.

It usually tilts in favor of the cinemas around three weeks following the debut. However, it’s possible that this is a thin line to tread these days. To stay open, theaters need more revenues. Early ticket sales, on the other hand, may convince the studios not to abandon such cinemas.

Concessions are typically the name of the game if you see a movie early in its window. They’ve traditionally been the source of the majority of a theater’s revenue. Yes, they may be very costly. Even a little purchase, though, may assist. In the middle of a pandemic, this brings us back to the safety standards. Hand sanitizer is often your ally.

People’s reluctance to return to the movie is natural and warranted. If you still don’t feel comfortable, there are more innovative ways to support your local cinema.

Buying gift cards that can be redeemed later. I’ve even heard of people buying popcorn and then leaving without seeing the movie.

To put things in perspective, eateries have been blamed for a large portion of COVID-19’s spread. More than anything else, maybe. Despite this, many individuals (including me) have returned to regular indoor eating.

Restaurants have often been identified as a source of COVID-19 transmission. Maybe even more than anything else. Despite this, many people (including me) have reverted to indoor eating when going to the movies is probably safer.

The do we still need movie theaters is a question that has been asked since the rise of streaming services. Movie theater fans should take current problems seriously, but not lose all hope.

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