Celtics’ Aaron Nesmith on first year, Dwyane Wade, NBA Draft

Aaron Nesmith is a basketball player for the Boston Celtics. He was drafted in the second round of the NBA Draft by the Miami Heat in 2008.


When athletes discover that their hard work has finally paid off, the NBA draft is a dream come true. Athletes may look after their family members who have supported them along the road, and it’s the start of a lengthy trip that will generate lifelong memories. Boston Celtics guard Aaron Nesmith spoke exclusively with ClutchPoints about his debut year in the NBA, Dwyane Wade, and a variety of other subjects.

“It’s a strange situation. It was like a dream come true. Nerves galore. You never know when you’ll be chosen until it occurs. When asked about his draft night, Aaron Nesmith told ClutchPoints, “Being able to enjoy that moment with my family was something that I’ll cherish forever.”

In the 2020 NBA Draft, the Celtics chose Nesmith with the 14th overall selection. Nesmith chose to declare for the draft after two seasons at Vanderbilt. He scored 23 points per game in his last collegiate season, shooting 51 percent from the field and 52 percent from beyond the arc.

Aaron Nesmith only played 14 games that year due to a stress fracture in his right foot, and his season was cut short. Despite the fact that he knew the injury might harm his draft status, he chose to join the rookie draft nonetheless.

Nesmith said, “I didn’t anticipate the Celtics to select me right there.” “I was expecting to travel someplace else, but everything occurs for a reason. I’m delighted to be here. I believe that was the best choice for the Celtics, so I’m overjoyed.”

Dwyane Wade, Khris Middleton, and Jimmy Butler are among the players Aaron Nesmith discusses.

Making it to the NBA also means that the players who previously inspired a young pro will now be considered peers. Going toe-to-toe with the greatest in the world is a nightly event. The possibility of beating your favorite athletes has suddenly become a reality.

“Dwyane Wade was my favorite player growing up, but he retired before I arrived. Then there was Khris Middleton, who I liked since he attended to my high school. As a result, I can’t say it changed,” Nesmith said.

To Nesmith, Middleton is like a big brother. On and off the court, he seeks his counsel from him. They have a strong connection that extends beyond basketball, but newcomers aren’t usually familiar with their favorite players.

Players are often fans who must strike a balance between adoration and respect. In their careers, all rookies come to this fork in the road, and they all deal with it differently. Aaron Nesmith is figuring things out on his own.

“Another guy I admired as a kid was Jimmy Butler. When we played him, he proved it. He plays in a certain manner. The way he communicates with his colleagues. He’s constantly involved in something. He seems to be a really excellent player and someone from whom you might learn a lot,” Nesmith remarked.

On Summer League, Nesmith Gets Real

In order to succeed in the NBA, players must first determine what kind of player they want to be. It typically begins during the NBA Summer League in Las Vegas, just before the regular season begins. Unfortunately, COVID-19 took away this crucial time for the 2020 draft class.

The newcomers were not given any time to adapt. During the season, there was very little time to develop trust on and off the court. Aaron Nesmith and the other rookies had to pick up new skills on the fly. It was a tough adjustment for everyone except the rookies who had a lot of chances.

Summer league has resumed now that the world has restored to some kind of normalcy. Many players, including Nesmith, chose to compete in a tournament that they were unable to attend as rookies. The Celtics’ youth believes the choice was well worth it.

Nesmith said, “I was able to sort of demonstrate what I’ve been working on this summer and some things that I know I’m capable of doing, like being able to put the ball on the floor more and becoming a better all-around basketball player.” “So, from that perspective, I’m more comfortable playing at a faster tempo and with more confidence. Hopefully, I’ll be able to carry it into training camp and then into the regular season, and have a successful season.”

Aaron Nesmith wants to improve his performance in the 2021-22 season, and a mentor, summer league, and training camp may help. He’s coming into this season with a lot of confidence and ease, which may help him have a fantastic year.




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