Best iPhone 12 Adapters : Fast Charging USB-C Chargers

Here are the top 12 iPhone adapters that will charge your Apple device quickly.

The “best iphone chargers that won’t break” are the best option for people who need a fast charger. They have USB-C ports, which allow for fast charging and data transfer.

Best iPhone 12 Adapters : Fast Charging USB-C Chargers

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Except for the missing chargers and earpods, the new Apple iPhone 12 series of phones is great! The package only comes with a USB-C to Lightning cable. While you can charge the iPhone 12, 12 Pro, 12 Pro Max, and 12 Mini with your old Apple iPhone charger, the best iPhone 12 adapters are 20-watt USB-C PD chargers that can charge your iPhone 12, 12 Pro, 12 Mini, and other Apple devices from zero to 60% in half an hour and zero to 88 percent in just one hour!

The latest iPhones have smaller batteries than the 11 series and accommodate the energy-intensive 5G network. Since a result, rapid charging is critical, as using 5G for any length of time would quickly deplete the battery.

Most individuals who own an iPhone also own another item, such as Wireless Airpods, an Apple Watch, an iPad, or a MacBook, or a portable charger. Since you’re receiving a new power adapter, make the most of it by obtaining at least a twin port adapter, or a three or four port adapter, so you can charge your phone and all of your other gadgets at the same time with a single wall charger. 

Most of Apple’s latest accessories, such as the Apple Watch 6 and the new MagSafe charger, support USB-C and include a USB-C connection, so getting a power brick with at least two USB-C ports is a smart idea.

The best iPhone 12 adapters are listed below –

The Best iPhone 12 Series One-Port USB-C Bricks

iPhone 12 & Apple Watch, Airpod, iPad: Best Two-Port Power Brick

The Best Three or Four-Port Power Block for iPhone 12, Macbooks, iPads, Apple Watches, and Airpods

Adapters for iPhone 12 that are the best (USB-C PD Fast-Charging, One Port)

20-watt Aukey Omnia Mini 

Best-iPhone-12-Adapters-Fast-Charging-USB-C-ChargersThe Aukey Omnia Mini 20-watt weighs under 1 oz (30 grams).

Our favorite fast-charging iPhone 12 converter is the Aukey Omnia 20-watt USB-C wall charger, which supports 20-watt USB-C PD for approximately half the weight, size, and price of the official Apple power brick. The Aukey Omnia 20-watt measures 1.13 x 1.13 x 1.20 inches and weighs 1.1 oz (33 grams).

The Aukey Omnia Mini 20-watt charger also works with the newest USB-C iPads, including the iPad Pro 2020/2018, Air 5/4, and all Pixels/LG ThinQ and Samsung S/Note phones.

20-watt Aukey Omnia Pros

  • Excellent value for money and excellent quality
  • The 20-watt PD charger charges the iPhone 12 from 0 to 60% in half an hour and from 0 to 88 percent in under one hour!
  • Apple’s 20-watt brick is half the weight and size.
  • Compatible with all previous iPhones, including 11/XR and 7/6/6s.
  • Use with the MagSafe Wireless Charger and Apple Watch 6 Airpods, for example.


Apple iPhone 12 PD USB-C Adapter (20-watt)

1632469935_372_Best-Fast-charging-USB-C-Adapters-for-iPhone-13-seriesFor its size and weight, the Apple 20-watt USB-C brick is expensive.

Apple just changed their 18-watt USB-C charging brick with a 20-watt USB-C charging brick. The new Apple 20-watt USB-C converter is, of course, fully compatible with all iPhone 12 series phones, despite being double the size and weight of cheaper USB-C adapters.


  • Compatible to the greatest extent feasible
  • Apple’s build quality is legendary.


20-watt Anker PowerPort III

Best-Fast-charging-USB-C-Adapters-for-iPhone-13-seriesAlthough the Anker PowerPort III Nano is small, it lacks folding pins. 

The Anker PowerPort III 20-watt is the smallest 20-watt USB-C converter available, with a 1-inch side cube. For the new iPhone 12, it offers the quickest 20-watt charging. At 1.2 oz, the PowerPort III Nano is nearly as light as the Aukey Omnia Mini iPhone 12 Adapter USB-C. (34 grams).

It will charge the newest iPads as well as the latest Android phones – Pixels/LG ThinQ and Samsung S/Note phones – much like the Omnia.

PowerPort III Nano Pros by Anker

  • The PD wall adapter with the smallest 20-watt rating.
  • It’s half the size of the Apple version.
  • Apple MagSafe charger, Apple Watch 6, SE, Airpods, newest iPads, S/Note Samsung/LG phones, and Pixels are all compatible with rapid charging.


Best Dual Port Adapters for iPhone 12 – USB-C Fast Charging (USB-C + USB-C)

Fast-charging iPhone 12 and charging a MacBook, Apple Watch, AirPods, and iPad with a single power adapter

Aukey Focus USB-C Charger (36 watts)

Best-Fast-Chargers-for-iPhone-SE-2020-USB-C-AdaptersThe Aukey Focus USB-C Adapter is a tiny USB-C adapter with two USB-C ports.

The Aukey Focus 36-watt USB-C Charger is currently the finest USB-C dual charger on the market. In addition, the pricing is almost same to that of many single port USB-C PD chargers. It includes two USB-C ports and a 36-watt total output (18-watt USB C + 18-watt USB-C). Because it has two ports, the Aukey Focus USB-C Adapter can simultaneously charge an iPhone 12/12 Pro and an iPad Pro 2020.

The Aukey Focus 36-watt outperforms the Anker Powerport III Duo 36-watt since the Anker converter can only deliver 18 watts at most, even when just one port is utilized. If just one USB-C port is utilized, the Aukey Focus can produce 30-watts, which means it can charge MacBooks and iPhone 12 Mini/12/Pro/Max at a faster rate of 20-watts!

The Aukey Focus 36-watt dual USB-C brick is 2.52 inches by 2.46 inches by 1.41 inches and weighs 4.1 ounces (115 grams). It comes with a foldable plug.

Pros of the Aukey Focus 36-watt USB-C Charger

  • Dual USB-C iPhone 12 adapter allows simultaneous charging of iPhone 12/11/XR, iPads, and USB-C portable chargers
  • iPhone 12 rapid charging at 20 watts — from 0% to 60% in 30 minutes, and from 0% to 80% in an hour
  • Dual USB-C output of 18 + 18 watts
  • If a single connection is utilized, the output may reach up to 30 watts, which is ideal for Macbooks.
  • 2 ports of light
  • Design that folds


For MacBook Pro + iPhone/iPad, the Best USB-C iPhone 12 Adapters (USB-C Fast-charging, Two Port)

Fast-charge any iPhone 12, as well as a MacBook Pro/Air, Apple Watch/AirPod/iPad, using a single wall charger. 

iPhone 12 Hyppr 100-watt Dual USB-C Charger

1637319454_856_Best-iPhone-12-Adapters-Fast-Charging-USB-C-ChargersThe Hyppr 100-watt USB-C charger is a fraction of the size of Apple’s 96-watt USB-C power brick. 

The Hyppr 100-watt Dual USB-C Charger is a high-output USB-C charger for your MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, or any other USB-C laptop, as well as your iPhone 12/12 Pro, Mini, or Max. If just one port is utilized, its maximum single port output of 100 watts quickly charges a MacBook Pro/Air/Surface Pro. When both ports are utilized, it charges Macbooks at 45 watts while also charging an iPhone 12/12 Pro at the maximum supported 20 watts!

GaN (Gallium Nitride) circuitry is used in the Hyppr 100-watt Dual USB-C power converter for improved, cooler operation and weight savings. It’s far lighter and smaller than Apple’s 96-watt USB-C power brick, weighing 6.9 ounces (197 grams) and measuring 2.7 x 2.6 x 1.3 inches.

Pros of the Hyppr 100-watt MacBook Charger

  • Charges both an iPhone 12 and a MacBook at the same time (45 watts + 20 watts).
  • Fast-charges MacBook Pro/Air and practically any USB-C laptop, including Dell XPS 15/13 and Surface Pros, with a 100-watt PD 3.0 single port output.
  • 45 watts PD dual port simultaneous output + 45 watts PD dual port simultaneous output 
  • Smaller and more affordable than the 96-watt charger for Macbooks.
  • Design that can be folded
  • Excellent value for money


iPhone 12 USB-C Adapter for MacBook Air + iPhone 12/iPad Pro (Best) (Two Port)

From a single power adapter, you may charge an iPhone 11/XR/12 and a MacBook/laptop/Apple Watch/AirPod/iPad.

Focus 63-watt USB-C Dual Charger by Aukey

1636977418_257_Best-Fast-Chargers-for-iPhone-SE-2020-USB-C-AdaptersThe Aukey Focus 63-watt charger can charge Macbooks at 60 watts and can also fast-charge iPhones up to 12 volts. 

The Aukey Focus 63-watt USB-C Charger is ideal for Macbook Air users who also have an iPhone 12 since it provides a single port output of 60 watts for MacBooks or USB-C laptops.

It can still generate 45 watts from one USB-C port for MacBook and fast-charge any iPhone 12 series phone at 18 watts from the other USB-C port when both ports are utilized. 

The Aukey Focus 63-watt folding design is 2.5 inches by 2.5 inches by 1.41 inches and weighs 5.22 ounces (148 grams).

Focus 63-watt Pros by Aukey

  • Two high-output USB-C ports at a great price
  • PD dual port output of 45 watts + 45 watts
  • For MacBook Air, a 60-watt single port output is available.
  • Pins may be folded to make it more compact.
  • Apple’s 61-watt USB-C brick is heavier than this one.


Best MacBook Air/iPad/AirPod/Watch/MagSafe Three-Port iPhone 12 Adapters

Fast-charge your iPhone 12 or MacBook Air, then use the same adapter to power two additional devices.

45-watt PD+ 18-watt USB ZMI 3-port USB-C charger (63 watts total)

1636977420_818_Best-Fast-Chargers-for-iPhone-SE-2020-USB-C-AdaptersThe ZMI 3-port USB-C power brick is a fantastic price for a variety of devices, including the iPhone 12.

Users of the iPhone 12 are likely to have a number of additional gadgets. A three-port or four-port USB-C charger with a combination of USB-C and standard USB ports can simultaneously charge three to four devices, including as iPhones, MacBooks, Airpods, Apple Watches, power banks, and iPads. The ZMI 3-port USB-C converter from Xiaomi/Mi (the world’s second-largest smartphone manufacturer after Samsung and Huawei) is a fantastic bargain power brick with a total output of 63 watts (45-watt USB-C and 18-watt from other two USB ports). It has one USB-C PD port with a 45-watt maximum output and two normal USB ports with a combined 18-watt maximum output to charge all of your USB-C/USB gadgets.

The ZMI 3-port USB-C power brick has a total output of 63 watts —

  • When using just the USB-C connector, it charges Macbooks at 45 watts, iPhone 12 at 20 watts, and iPad Pro at 20 watts.
  • USB-C port and one USB port — USB-C port outputs 45 watts and the USB port outputs 18 watts (45 watts USB-C PD + 18 watts USB). For charging Macbooks or fast-charging an iPhone 12 while simultaneously charging another phone, iPad, or portable charger.
  • 45 watts from the USB-C port and 18 watts combined from the other ports (45 watts USB-C PD + 18 watts combined USB from two ports). For charging Macbooks or an iPhone 12 while simultaneously charging your Airpods and Apple Watch.
  • Can simultaneously charge a Macbook, an iPhone, and an iPad at high rates! can simultaneously charge an iPhone 12, an Apple Watch, and Airpods!

The ZMI 3-port USB-C charger is small and light, measuring 2.75 inches by 2.4 inches by 1.2 inches and weighs just 5 ounces (150 grams). It has foldable pins for simple storage.

Pros of the ZMI 3-port USB-C adapter

  • For Macbook Airs, this is an excellent price for a combined 63-watt and 45-watt USB-C PD output.
  • All 12 series phones – mini, Pro, Pro Max – are compatible with this 20 watt fast charging iPhone 12 adaptor.
  • For the S20 and Note 20/10 series, the quickest charging is 25 watts PPS.
  • USB ports with 18-watt QuickCharge capability
  • Fast charges all new and old iPhones, as well as all old and new Pixels/Samsung S/Notes.
  • Supports USB-C PD PPS at 25 watts, USB-C PD at 18 watts, 18 watt QuickCharge at 18 watts, and USB-C PD at 45 watts.
  • Design that folds
  • Exceptional value for money
  • High-quality construction


Best USB-C Three-Port iPhone 12 Adapter for MacBooks, iPads, AirPods, Watches, and MagSafe

From a single wall adapter, fast-charge your iPhone 12, MacBook, and Apple Watch/AirPod/iPad.

Omnia 90W PD 3-port USB-C Adapter by Aukey

1637319460_421_Best-iPhone-12-Adapters-Fast-Charging-USB-C-ChargersTwo USB-C ports and one USB port are included in the Aukey Omnia 90w PD 3-port.

If you have a MacBook Pro or a larger USB-C laptop, the Aukey Omnia 90w is a wonderful all-in-one charger with a 90-watt single port output and clever power distribution for charging many devices at high rates at the same time. The combination of two USB-C PD connectors and one standard USB port allows you to charge many devices from a single power brick.

The Aukey Omnia 90w PD 3-port USB-C Brick has a maximum output of 90 watts —

  • Only has a single USB-C connector that can charge Macbooks or USB-C laptops at a maximum of 90 watts.
  • Only one USB-C port can provide 60 watts PD, while the other USB-C port can only deliver 30 watts (60 watt USB-C + 30-watt USB-C). For charging Macbooks @ 60 watts and charging an iPhone 12/iPad Pro 2020 quickly.
  • When all ports are utilized, the overall power output is 84 watts, including 60 watts from one USB-C PD port and 12 watts from the other two ports (60w USB-C + 12 watt USB-C + 12-watt USB).
  • At the same time, it charges a Macbook, an iPhone 12, and an iPad at high rates!

Fast charge iPhone 12/12 Pro from empty to 60% in 30 minutes using either of the two USB-C ports, and iPhone 12, 11/XR from empty to 60% in 30 minutes using any of the two USB-C ports.

The Aukey Omnia 90w PD 3-port USB-C PD charger is 2.5 inches by 2.44 inches by 1.3 inches and weighs just 6.7 ounces (190 grams). It has foldable pins for simple storage.

Omnia 90w PD Pros by Aukey

  • For a 90-watt USB-C PD output and three ports, this is a great deal.
  • Fast charging for Macbooks and USB-C laptops up to 90 watts
  • Fast charging for the iPhone 12 at 20 watts from both USB-C ports
  • 60 watt PD + 30-watt PD max with auto-adapting 90-watt output
  • 2.5*2.45*1.3 inches is a small size.
  • Apple’s 87 watt USB-C charger is heavier.
  • iPhone 12/11/XR/SE 2020/XS/XS Max/8/8+ & Samsung S/Note fast charge
  • Design that folds


Price of iPhone 12 Power Adapter

The following are the most recent approximate pricing for Apple’s new iPhone 12 series phones –

  • Single Port — $10 to $20 – one USB-C port with a maximum output of 20 watts
  • Two USB ports – $15 to $20 — one USB-C port and a USB port with a maximum output of 30 watts
  • Two USB-C Ports — Prices range from $25 to $20 for two USB-C ports (18w + 18w atts). From one port, you may get 36 watts or 30 watts.
  • Two USB-C Ports – Compatible with MacBooks – Two USB-C connectors (45w/60 + 45/45 watts) are available for $30 to $50. One port can handle up to 100 watts.
  • MacBook has three or four ports. Charging varies between $40 and $60. Two USB-C connectors and one or two standard USB ports with a maximum power output of 100 watts

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The “apple 20w usb-c power adapter” is a USB-C charger that can charge your iPhone at the fastest possible speeds. It’s compatible with most of the latest iPhones and MacBooks, so it’s worth checking out.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which USB-C power adapter is best for iPhone 12?

A: The best USB-C power adapter for iPhone 12 is the Anker PowerPort C3. It has a high current output, giving it the capacity to charge your smartphone faster than other types of adapters.

What is the fastest charger for iPhone 12?

A: The fastest charger for iPhone 12 is the 30w USB-C Charging Wall Adapter. It will charge your phone in under an hour, which is a huge improvement over most chargers that only offer 5w of charging power and can take up to 8 hours to fully charge your device.

What adapter should I buy for iPhone 12?

A: The Apple Lightning to USB Type-C Adapter is a great option that will allow you to connect your iPhone 12 wirelessly for charging and data transfer. However, if you need more storage space or want compatibility with other devices, the best choice is the Samsung Gear S3 Classic Wireless Charging Dock.

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