TOEM Animal Compendium Photos Locations Guide

This is a guide for the animal compendium in ToeJam and Earl.

The vokabulantis is a guide that offers pictures of each animal in the game. It also includes locations for each animal.

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TOEM Animal Compendium Photos Locations Guide

Welcome to the TOEM Animal Compendium Photos locations guide, which will help you locate all 54 TOEM: A Photo Adventure Animal Photos places in the adventure, puzzle, and photography game for PS5, Switch, PC, and Mac.

Finding and collecting up all 54 Animal Photo locations will let you earn the following Trophies / Achievements:

  • “Collect them all” (Gold Trophy) – Take pictures of everything in the compendium.
  • Photograph all of the development team’s animals for the “Look at those cuties” (Gold Trophy) challenge.
  • Complete the photo challenges in Logcity to get the title of “City professional” (Silver Trophy).
  • Complete the photo challenges in Oaklaville to get the “Nature’s Showstopper” (Silver Trophy).
  • Complete the photo challenges at Stanhamn to get the “Calm as the Sea” (Silver Trophy).
  • Complete the photo challenges at Kiiruberg for the “biggest challenge” (Silver Trophy).

The following is a timeline for all of these in-game Animal Compendium Photos locales.

TOEM Animal Compendium Photos

Note: To complete the Compendium, you must catch a total of 54 creatures, including the 10 development team pets.

  • 4 points for Homelanda.
  • 15 Oaklaville
  • 15 Stanhamn
  • 8 logcity
  • 12 Kiiruberg Kiiruberg Kiiruberg Kiiruberg

The “King Fish” in Stanhamn is needed for a side quest in that region. A side mission in Kiiruberg necessitates the use of the Fluff Ball. The remaining 52 may be taken at any time as long as the region in which they are discovered is open. After finishing the game, they were gathered in the video.

Where can I locate all of TOEM’s Animal Photos? This comprehensive video tutorial describes the in-game collectibles locations for the Animal Photos.

In the step-by-step movie, the Animal Photos are presented in the order in which they occur chronologically.

All 54 Animal Photo Locations in the TOEM Compendium Guide (Collect them All Trophy)

Animal Photos Locations Guide Timeline in Minutes:

  • 00:00 Homelanda – Locations of the Cow, Flies, Tato, and Home Birds
  • 01:30 – Butterfly Location in Oaklaville
  • Snail Location – Oaklaville – 01:50
  • Oaklaville – Forest Bird Location 02:02
  • Stag Beetle Location 02:12 Oaklaville
  • Tom Location – 02:21 Oaklaville
  • Oaklaville – Beehive Location 02:40
  • Ladybug Location – Oaklaville – 03:03
  • 03:16 – Ant Location – Oaklaville
  • 04:05 Oskar Location – Oaklaville
  • 04:23 Squirrel Location in Oaklaville
  • 04:35 – Tato Bug Location in Oaklaville
  • 05:13 Sero Location – Oaklaville
  • 05:30 – Tato Fly Location in Oaklaville
  • 06:02 Oaklaville – Location of the Nestworm
  • 06:18 Pet Rock Location, Oaklaville
  • Stanhamn – Tato Swim Location 07:09
  • 07:28 Seagull Location in Stanhamn
  • 07:40 Stanhamn – Location of the Bubble Fly
  • 07:51 – Toad Location in Stanhamn
  • 08:08 Stanhamn – Locations of the Seahorse, Tato Scuba, Jellyfish, and Happy Carp
  • 08:54 Crab Location in Stanhamn
  • 09:20 Stanhamn – Locations of King Fish and Willemijn
  • Location: 10:11 Stanhamn – Fras
  • 10:30 a.m. Stanhamn – Fia and Sunday Swan
  • 11:04 – Dragonfly Location in Stanhamn
  • 11:33 Pigeon Location in Logcity
  • 11:49 Punky Parrot Location in Logcity
  • 12:04 Portillo Location – Logcity
  • 12:21 Business Pigeon Location in Logcity
  • 12:35 Logcity – Tourist Attraction Tato
  • 12:52 Mouse Location in Logcity
  • 13:07 Tato Skateboard Location – Logcity
  • 13:53 Turtle Location in Logcity
  • Kiiruberg – Hedgehog Location 14:18
  • Locations of Nariko and Mikee at 14:40 Kiiruberg
  • Kiiruberg – Snow Bird Location 15:06
  • Kiiruberg – Tato Ski Location 15:22
  • Kiiruberg – Tato Alien Location 15:52
  • Kiiruberg – Fluff Ball Location 16:13
  • Kiiruberg – Owl Location 16:23
  • Kiiruberg – Meteopal Location 16:55
  • Kiiruberg – Cosmo Deer Location 17:22
  • Kiiruberg – Mountain Goat Location – 18:24
  • Teddy Location, Kiiruberg, 18:43

So there you have it! You own all of the Animal Photos in TOEM!

I hope these hints assisted you in finding all of the Animal Photos scattered throughout the game.

Please see our other “How To” tutorials at the top of this page for additional information on how to get the most out of TOEM!

PS5Trophies and 8BitsofVelvet deserve a huge thank you for the instructional video and suggestions.

If you have any more TOEM Animal Photos location suggestions, please leave a comment and we’ll credit you. – Thank you for stopping by!

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