Star Wars The Old Republic unveils legendary items arriving with Legacy of the Sith

Star Wars The Old Republic has teamed with Digital Extremes to bring a limited-time event, Legacy of the Sith. This is a new three month long content update that allows players to unlock legendary items for their characters and also gives them access to some exclusive rewards from Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes.

The “swtor legacy of the sith” is a new expansion for Star Wars The Old Republic that will be released on December 3rd. This expansion includes legendary items coming to the game.

Much of the buzz around the Star Wars: The Old Republic Legacy of the Sith expansion has been on fighting styles, which makes sense given that the system signals a change in the way the game is played and how players may personalize their characters. With the introduction of legendary goods, a new set of earpieces, and implants, there’s a new layer of personalization being added to that customisation.

These new things will essentially combine set benefits from several gear sets into a single item, giving players greater discretion over which gear they get bonuses for and allowing the developers to add additional perks, including some fan favorites. At any one moment, a maximum of two legendary items may be worn, with implants offering utility benefits and earpieces increasing fighting style power and effectiveness. Legendary things begin at a lower item level but may be immediately upgraded, and obtaining them is described as “not necessarily difficult.”

Gear with set bonuses that is currently in the game will be taken away over time, with current set benefits being deactivated at reaching level 76, although stat bonuses from those items will remain. This is a plus, according to the developers, since it frees players from pursuing a specific set for one affix and enables them to mix and match their gear.

More itemization adjustments are in the works for the expansion, and will be revealed shortly, but players can already learn about two of them.


The “star wars: the old republic 2021” is a game that has been announced for release in 2021. This game will be set in the Star Wars universe and will feature iconic characters like Darth Vader, Luke Skywalker, and Princess Leia.

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