Showrooming refers to:

Showrooming is a term used to describe the practice of shopping in one store and then buying the same or similar item from another store for less money.

Showrooming is a term used to describe the process of going into a retail store and then purchasing an item from a website or online retailer.


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The term “showrooming” relates to the following:

  • The trend of companies selling specialized or limited-quantity products through mobile devices.
  • The phenomenon in which several brands in comparable categories fight for mobile device placement.
  • The phenomenon that transforms brick-and-mortar shops into mobile showroom applications
  • The trend of turning physical shops into showcases for goods that are subsequently bought online or through mobile device.

Correct Answer: The phenomena in which physical shops are converted into showcases for goods that are subsequently bought online or via mobile devices.


Showrooming refers to:

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Showrooming is a term that refers to the practice of customers buying products at retail stores and then subsequently purchasing them online for a lower price. This can be detrimental to retailers because they are not able to compete with online retailers. Reference: how is showrooming detrimental to retailers.

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