Remote Desktop for iOS and Mac received big updates

Earlier this month, BackTrack 5 was released. BackTrack 5 includes many new features, including support for iOS and OS X. Remote Desktop for iOS and OS X is the latest version of BackTrack’s remote access software. It allows users to connect to the host computer using the password-protected RDP protocol, which is implemented in Windows, OS X, and Linux. This allows them to run any program on the remote computer, including accessing the remote computer’s files, opening and closing remote desktops, and connecting to remote printers. With this version of Remote Desktop for iOS and OS X, you can connect to your Mac from your iPhone or iPad, and connect to your Windows PC from your Android device.

Mac OS X is finally getting some serious updates, with Mac OS X 10.11.4 (code-named El Capitan) coming out this fall. The latest version of Mac OS X brings many features, including support for new Apple mobile devices, the addition of new Apple mobile devices, and the addition of Apple mobile devices. And to help you get started, Apple has released an update for Mac OS X called Remote Desktop for Apple iOS and Mac, which lets you remotely access your Mac’s screen, files, and other devices on the go.

Logging into a remote machine can be a chore. Sometimes you may not want to resort to the old way of typing passwords into a remote desktop app and then logging in. Nowadays, there are a number of apps that let you access your Windows or Mac machine with one touch, which is great.

Microsoft offers a variety of Android and iOS applications, including the Remote Desktop software. It allows you to connect to Windows PCs at home or at work remotely. The most recent upgrades for Microsoft Remote Desktop for iOS and Mac include a slew of bug fixes and enhancements.

On iOS, Microsoft released version 10.3.2 of the app. The primary feature of the upgrade is a new user interface for Connection Center. Here’s a rundown of what’s new.

What’s new in Remote Desktop Mobile 10.3.2 for iOS?

Remote Desktop For IOS

  • For bigger iPhones, a two-column thumbnail view is available.
  • The look of the PC thumbnails has been updated.
  • View of the PC bookmark list has been improved (only available on iPhones).
  • PC bookmarks and workspace headers have press-and-hold semantics.
  • Context menus for working with PC bookmarks and workspaces have been added.
  • The ability to replicate bookmarks on a computer.
  • A complete preview of the PC After a press-and-hold, create a bookmark thumbnail.
  • For interaction with the Connection Center, a new pull-down menu has been included.
  • Subscribed workspaces have a pull-to-refresh behavior.
  • Sorting of PC bookmarks by name or last connected time in an animated manner.
  • On iPads, the search box expands automatically.
  • We also introduced support for Vietnamese keyboards and fixed several issues that were surfacing in our crash telemetry.

What’s new in Remote Desktop 10.6.8 for macOS?


Update 10.6.8 adds even more updates and improvements to Remote Desktop for macOS.

  • Background refresh for subscription workspaces has been added.
  • When auto-reconnect kicks in, the session window may move to another monitor. This has been fixed.
  • After joining, the session window was occasionally expanded, which was fixed.
  • A bug was fixed in which the name of a redirected folder in the remote session was wrong.
  • Fixed an issue that made resizing remote app windows difficult.
  • When user accounts fail to update, the error messages have been improved.
  • Window titles in the list of linked remote applications were blank due to a bug.
  • When dragging across monitors, the mouse pointer shape would not update properly due to a multimon problem.
  • Microsoft Teams optimizations are now enabled/disabled through a checkbox in General Preferences.
  • If a remote app could not be started on the server because it was not in the system allow list, a new UI was added to report it.
  • The session window could no longer be enlarged wider whether it was positioned at the top or bottom of the screen.
  • Problems with the mouse pointer disappearing when connecting to a distant PC were addressed.
  • When you delete an Azure Virtual Desktop workspace, it now deletes all related workspaces as well.
  • The “Add” option was enabled with an empty PC name when creating a folder to redirect to a bookmark.
  • Fixed an issue when double-clicking the title bar extended the session window improperly.
  • When lingering over a red input error indication, the mouse changed to a hand glyph.
  • In the “Mission Control” or “Application windows” views, the session window would flash quickly. This was fixed.

Remote Desktop is available for download.

This link will take you to Microsoft Remote Desktop for iOS, while this link will take you to Microsoft Remote Desktop for macOS. On iOS, Microsoft Remote Desktop needs iOS/iPadOS 13 or later, which means iPhone SE/6S and iPad Air 2/mini 4 and newer are supported. You’ll need a device that’s compatible with macOS Mojave 10.14 or later to utilize Microsoft Remote Desktop on a Mac.

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Remote Desktop for iOS and Mac received big updates, allowing it to work over wireless connections, supporting more file types, and allowing you to split the screen to work with multiple apps. Businesses can now access remote desktops, and staff can access work computers, whether on the road or at home, without needing to install additional software.. Read more about apple remote desktop version history and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Microsoft Remote Desktop compatible with macOS Big Sur?

Yes, it is compatible with macOS Big Sur.

Does Apple Remote Desktop work with Catalina?

Unfortunately, Apple Remote Desktop does not work with Catalina.

What is the Mac version of RDP?

Remote Desktop Protocol is a computer program that allows users to remotely control another computer from their own.

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