Ranking The Best Versions Of Carmelo Anthony: Nuggets Melo Was On Another Level

In the last few years, Carmelo Anthony has been one of the most polarizing players in NBA history. He has seen his fair share of criticism for his poor defense and lack of effort on the court. But what’s often overlooked is how dominant he was during his prime with the Nuggets.

The carmelo anthony age is a question that has been asked many times. In this article, I will rank the best versions of Carmelo Anthony.

Carmelo Anthony is probably the most flexible scorer at his position and one of the best scorers of his time. In his peak, Anthony could take opponents inside and outside, and he’s developed into a great spot-up shooter in his latter years. Not to mention, throughout the course of his career, the future Hall of Famer has represented five different teams: the Nuggets, Knicks, Thunder, Rockets, and Trail Blazers.

Anthony will play for the Los Angeles Lakers in the 2021-2022 season, and will most likely retire with them. But, looking back on Anthony’s career, where did he shine the brightest? At each stage of his career, Anthony faced various difficulties, and his game has evolved over time. But now it’s time to evaluate Carmelo Anthony’s greatest versions based on their effect on the five organizations for which he played.

Houston Rockets (#5)

13.4 PPG, 5.4 RPG, 0.5 APG, 0.4 SPG, 0.7 BPG in 2018-2019.


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Carmelo Anthony’s time with the Houston Rockets was a complete failure. With the club, he only played in 10 games, starting twice and posting the lowest PPG average of his career. The Rockets needed two-way players who could spot-up for James Harden when he drove to the basket, something Anthony couldn’t do at that point in his career.

Carmelo was just two years away from scoring 22.4 points per game and being named to the All-Star Team with the New York Knicks, so he believed he was more than a spot-up shooter. As a consequence, Houston terminated him after just 10 games, causing Anthony to spiral into despair and self-doubt. Fortunately, the experience offered the former scoring champion a fresh perspective on his NBA career, which he began with the Trail Blazers.

Oklahoma City Thunder, No. 4

16.2 PPG, 5.8 RPG, 1.3 APG, 0.6 SPG, 0.6 BPG in 2017-2018.


The writing was on the wall after making his last All-Star Team and finishing his seventh season with the Knicks. Carmelo Anthony was never going to win in New York, and the team was in shambles since they couldn’t sign any elite free agents. Anthony sought a trade and was sent to the Oklahoma City Thunder, as anticipated.

Anthony thought he had created a Big Three in Oklahoma City alongside Russell Westbrook and Paul George. Anthony, on the other hand, was just a year away from being an All-Star and was unable to contribute as a third option. The Thunder were never able to make the playoffs with their Big Three, and even when Anthony’s statistics were good, his tenure with the Thunder was short-lived because the 10-time All-Star just didn’t fit.

3. Trail Blazers of Portland

14.3 PPG, 4.6 RPG, 1.5 APG, 0.7 SPG, 0.5 BPG in 2019-2021


Carmelo Anthony was happier and more successful with the Portland Trail Blazers in 2018, even though he averaged more points per game with the Thunder. Anthony was signed by Portland following a disappointing stint with Houston, and he played in 58 games for the club. Anthony started every game for the Trail Blazers in 2020, averaging 14.3 points per game and demonstrating a willingness to accept a smaller role.

Despite only starting three games last season, Anthony was a consistent performer, averaging 13.4 points per game. Carmelo Anthony, at 36 years old, has recognized his limits and is a seasoned veteran that title contenders need on their teams. With the Portland Trail Blazers, Anthony discovered his passion for the game, and he now has a fantastic opportunity to win a championship with the Lakers.

New York Knicks, No. 2

24.7 PPG, 7.0 RPG, 3.2 APG, 1.0 SPG, 0.5 BPG, 24.7 PPG, 7.0 RPG, 3.2 APG, 1.0 SPG, 0.5 BPG


Carmelo Anthony was a superstar with the New York Knicks. With the Knicks, the forward was named to the All-Star Team every year and averaged 24.7 points per game across seven seasons. The Knicks made it to the second round of the playoffs for the first time since the 2000 season with Anthony on board. Carmelo was an unstoppable offensive force even if the Knicks did not win a game.

When Anthony wasn’t injured, he only appeared in at least 70 games three times, but when he was well, he was a force on the court. Anthony was a clutch player on par with Kevin Durant, Kobe Bryant, and Dirk Nowitzki. The native New Yorker could score from everywhere and was especially efficient in the post, reigniting interest at Madison Square Garden. In 2013, Anthony earned his first and only scoring championship, averaging 28.7 points per game.

1. Nuggets of Denver

24.8 points per game, 6.3 points per game, 3.1 points per game, 1.1 points per game, and 0.5 points per game


Carmelo Anthony was even better with the Denver Nuggets than he was with the New York Knicks. Anthony was selected third overall, joining a famous draft class that included LeBron James, Dwyane Wade, and Chris Bosh. Anthony was an instant star in the NBA, scoring 21.0 points per game and making the All-Rookie Team. Anthony averaged 26.9 points per game after just two years, and he was named to his first All-Star team the following year.

When Carmelo Anthony was in Denver, there was even talk about him being a top-5 player in the NBA because he was the whole deal. He possessed great agility, a strong post presence, and the ability to shoot over any opponent. In his early years, Carmelo appeared slimmer and more explosive, and he was the best player on the Nuggets’ 2009 Western Conference Finals squad. On an individual and team level, Anthony’s finest years were spent with the Nuggets, and his time in Denver will live on in his heart.


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