Predicting Every Lakers Players’ Rating In NBA 2K22: LeBron James, Anthony Davis And Russell Westbrook Are Hard To Beat

One of the most eagerly-anticipated games of the year is NBA 2K16, which is going to be released on October 7th. We all know that the game is going to be released, but what else do we know about NBA 2K16? Well, following the release of the game itself, the developers will release the MyPLAYER ratings, which is a feature that uses your player’s statistics and skills to give you a rating on a scale of 1 to 99, and it shows how the player will perform in NBA 2K16.

The NBA 2K franchise is back and we’ve been given a new trailer featuring a bunch of new players that we should be proud of. The new players released in the trailer, such as Russell Westbrook and Anthony Davis, are considered to be the hardest to beat in NBA 2K22. However, we can’t forget about the two best basketball players in the world, LeBron James and Kevin Durant. LeBron and Durant will be arriving in NBA 2K22 and you should definitely prepare yourself to be beaten by them.

It’s fairly difficult to predict the performance of every player in the NBA 2K franchise, but that does not mean you can’t be successful. Take a look at the top players in the league right now, and you’ll notice that each one of them has a rating of 95 or above. If you want to get your hands on the best players in the game, it helps to know which ones are hardest to beat.


The NBA 2K22 ratings are not based on popularity. It delves into the details and examines a broad range of facts. Passing accuracy, durability, free throw percentage, ability to draw fouls, shooting from outside, and a variety of other metrics are all included into overall rankings. The developers are claimed to examine at up to 50 such characteristics to get a full picture of the gamer.

One player on the Los Angeles Lakers has already had his rating for next season lowered. The remainder of the roster seems to be a championship contender. Is this reflected in the rankings? Let’s make some guesses for the Lakers’ future roster.

67-year-old Mac McClung

No rating for 2K21.


McClung was renowned for his high-flying dunks in high school. He went on to play two years at Georgetown, scoring 15.7 points per game as a sophomore. He moved to Texas Tech last year and was named Big 12 Newcomer of the Year. As a shooting guard, McClung averaged 15.5 points per game. After dropping out of his final year, Mac went undrafted this year. McClung, like his other undrafted colleagues, will be ranked towards the bottom.

Trevor Ariza is 72 years old.

74 out of 100 for 2K21.


Ariza averaged 11.0 points and 4.8 rebounds per game in 21 games with the Trail Blazers last season, earning him a 74. Ariza averaged 9.4 points and 4.8 rebounds in 30 games with the Heat last season. His shooting percentages were lower by a large margin. Because it wasn’t his greatest season, his rating is expected to drop a few points. 

Wayne Ellington is a 73-year-old jazz musician.

72 out of 100 for 2K21.


Ellington will get a one-point boost over his prior rating, and here’s why. With the Pistons, Ellington shot 42.2 percent from three-point range, just 0.02 percent behind his career best established in 2014. He shot a career-high 44.1 percent from the field with the Pistons. Granted, it was the Pistons, who had a bad season the previous year. With that said, the statistics don’t lie: it was one of his stronger years statistically, so the devs will utilize that to give him a one-point boost.

74-year-old Talen Horton-Tucker

72 out of 100 for 2K21.

Talen Horton-Tucker

The developers are well informed of the current events in the league. They’re aware that Horton-Tucker was omitted from a possible Kyle Lowry lineup. They are aware that the Lakers see him as a valuable player. They also know that his role would be enhanced this year. Horton-Tucker has glimpses of becoming a useful backup. His minutes will rise this year, as will his total numbers.

74-year-old Kent Bazemore

74 out of 100 for 2K21.


Bazemore was granted a 74 before to last season, and in 25 games with the Kings, he averaged 10.3 points and 4.9 rebounds. Bazemore was a key member of the Warriors’ bench last season. He had less points and rebounds on average, but shot three percent better from the field and two percent better from three. With a more competitive squad, his role shifted. That is also the case with the Lakers, so there is no reason to expect his rating to alter this time.

Marc Gasol is a 75-year-old basketball player (2K22 Official)

77 out of 100 for 2K21.

Marc Gasol

Gasol is a difficult player to forecast. He is 36 years old and was the team’s third-best center at one time, behind only Montrezl Harrell and Andre Drummond. According to recent speculations, Gasol may follow them out the door. Last season, he averaged 5.0 points and 4.1 rebounds, which was a drop from the previous year. It’s uncertain if he’ll join the Lakers for the start of the season. At this point in his career, he’s a backup at best.

Malik Monk is a 75-year-old Muslim monk.

75 out of 100 for 2K21.

malik monk

Monk’s rating was awarded to him before the start of last season based on a slash line of 10.3 points, 43.4 percent field goal percentage, and 28.4 percent three-point field goal percentage. Monk’s statistics improved dramatically last season, when he scored 11.7 points per game and shot 40.1 percent from three-point range. He did, however, play 12 less games than the previous year. Because of the lower sample size, part of his output will be reduced, and he will get the same rating as previous year.

Rondo, Rajon – 76

2K21 Score: 76


Rondo had a 76 rating when he was with the Lakers two years ago. His rating was 76 last year. One might argue that his time with the Clippers last season (7.6 points, 3.1 rebounds, and 5.8 assists) was superior than his time with the Lakers during their championship run (7.1 points, 3.0 rebounds, 5.0 assists). Rondo hasn’t done anything to influence his ranking, therefore it should remain same.

77-year-old Kendrick Nunn

76 out of 100 for 2K21.


Nunn seemed to be a productive member of the Miami Heat in recent years, but he fell out of favor in the rotation. We are still baffled as to why. We do know that he averaged 14.6 points a game and shot 48.5 percent from the field and 38.1 percent from beyond the arc. Those are better statistics than he had in his first season. As performance on the court improves, so do the ratings.

77-year-old DeAndre Jordan

2K21 Score: 80


Jordan did not average double digit rebounds per game for the first time in eight seasons last season. With the emergence of Jarrett Allen, Jordan’s position with the Nets shrank after he started the year as a starter. The club was more used to utilizing Blake Griffin as the starting center even after Allen was gone. His totals of 7.5 points and 7.5 rebounds were among his lowest since 2011. Early on, Jordan and Dwight Howard will most likely battle for the starting spot, but Jordan is just a backup center these days. 

Carmelo Anthony is a 79-year-old basketball player.

78 out of 100 for 2K21.


When you look at Anthony’s early numbers, you’ll see that he scored less, shot a lower field goal percentage, and had fewer rebounds. His three-point shooting is one metric that sticks out. Anthony made 40.9 percent of his three-point attempts, the first time he has done so since 2013. Kyle Korver was given a rating of 79 when he was late in his career and could still shoot close to 40%. We’ll see what happens with Anthony. 

Dwight Howard is 80 years old.

78 out of 100 for 2K21.

Dwight Howard

Howard may start before the end of the year, so don’t be shocked. He shouldn’t, however, since his job is best suited to him when he comes off the bench. Howard averaged 7.0 points and 8.4 rebounds in 17.3 minutes per game. In comparison to his Lakers season in 2019-2020, his shooting percentage was down. Howard is 36 years old this year, and he was called back off the bench to be the spark plug. Given Gasol’s limited game, Howard’s rating may see a rise in value.

Russell Westbrook is a 93-year-old basketball player.

88 out of 100 for 2K21.


All we’re doing is following a pattern. Westbrook received a 93 rating after averaging a triple-double in his last season in Oklahoma City. Westbrook had his fourth triple-double season last year, averaging 22.2 points, 11.5 rebounds, and 11.7 assists. When Westbrook averaged a triple-double, he was awarded a 93 or 94, demonstrating consistency.

95. Anthony Davis

95 out of 100 for 2K21.

Anthony Davis

Since his second season in the league, Davis hasn’t had a rating below 90. Davis has a 94 or 95 rating in each of the past four seasons. Despite an injury-plagued season last year, his current rating of 95 should not be lowered. For starters, developers are aware that he was instrumental in the Lakers’ championship victory only two seasons ago. The Lakers struggled tremendously when Davis was taken out of the lineup. Davis will be given some leeway by the developers, who will retain his existing grade.

96 LeBron James (Official NBA 2K22)

97 out of 100 for 2K21.

LeBron James

This season, LeBron turns 37 years old, yet he remains one of the game’s highest-rated players. LeBron James is a co-champion alongside Stephen Curry and Giannis Antetokounmpo. James is a two-way, inside-out playmaker who can also be a “pass-first” player. There are certain restrictions on their cohabitation now that Westbrook has joined the club. Regardless, LeBron continues to be one of the greatest players in the game.


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