Largest Tiny Home Village In California To Serve Unhoused Community Opening In Highland Park

The largest tiny home village in California is opening in Highland Park. The village will serve the community of unhoused people who are experiencing homelessness, and will offer a new way to live with dignity.

The highland park tiny home village is a new project that will be opening in Highland Park, California. This will be the largest Tiny Home Village in California and it plans to serve an unhoused community.

(CBSLA) – HIGHLAND PARK (CBSLA) – In Highland Park, the country’s and California’s biggest tiny house village, which will serve as temporary housing for individuals suffering homelessness, is scheduled to debut on Thursday.

This newest tiny house community is one of roughly a half-dozen in the city that are housing approximately 1,000 individuals who are homeless.

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The small house communities, according to city officials, are a start in the right way in combating the homeless problem. Each of the small houses in Highland Park has the choice of one or two bedrooms. There is air conditioning and heating, as well as quilts created by local craftsmen that are strewn over the beds.

The new Highland Park site, off Arroyo Drive and close to the 110 Freeway.

“It appeals to me.” Rosie Martinez, who lives only yards from the new community, said, “I’m happy for them.” “This is going to help them find a job, acquire permanent housing, health care, and whatever else they need, that’s the place to be for them.”

While neighbors like Martinez have welcomed the tiny houses to their neighborhood, the tiny dwellings are part of a bigger problem in the city. The homes take months to construct and can only accommodate a small number of people, further aggravating the homeless problem in Los Angeles, where an estimated 41,000 people are homeless.

“Since I’ve been here, that’s been one of my greatest criticisms. Kevin de León, a councilman and mayoral candidate whose district includes Skid Row, remarked, “You know, I’ve just been here 12 months already.”

“I can claim that we’ve sheltered over 2,000 homeless people, more than anybody else in the city.” It’ll be another 225 this time. In just a few months, we’ll add another 175 in Eagle Rock,” de León stated.

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The Eagle Rock site is between the 134 Freeway and Figueroa Street, where work is already beginning in the former location of a tent city.

De León said, “We need to go ahead with a feeling of urgency.”

Tiny house communities aren’t always well-liked. After 50 small homes were constructed in their area, several homeowners in Reseda protested at the home of LA City Councilman Bob Blumenfield in May. Protesters also yelled down Blumenfield at a meeting.

The small houses, according to Hope of the Valley, a charity that built them, symbolize progress, even if it is gradual.

“Your unhoused neighbors will be living here, and it’s better for them to receive treatment, care, and services here than in your backyard,” Rowan Vansleve, of Hope of the Valley Rescue Mission, said.

Martinez, who has lived in the area for 12 years, concurred, adding that it is preferable to have people experiencing homelessness living in the community under supervision than than on the street, where violence is prevalent.

Outreach teams have been out talking to people and preparing them to move into these places on November 2. The new neighborhood will be officially opened on Thursday with a ribbon cutting. The total cost of the town was projected to be $5 million.

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The 5982 arroyo drive highland park ca is a new tiny home village that will serve the homeless in Highland Park. It will be the largest of its kind in California and one of the largest in the country.

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