Jeff Bezos’ Net Worth: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Jeff Bezos is the richest person in the world. He has a net worth of $112 billion and is currently the CEO of, which is one of the most valuable companies on Earth.


Jeff Bezos, CEO of Amazon

According to Forbes, Jeff Bezos is the wealthiest person in the planet, with a net worth of $203.7 billion. On July 20, he will fly onboard Blue Origin’s first human-occupied space mission.

Bezos talked with Gayle King of CBS This Morning before of the launch. “I’m excited,” he said. I’m always being asked whether I’m nervous. I’m not really apprehensive. I’m looking forward to it. I’m intrigued. I’m curious as to what we’ll learn.”

The 57-year-old won’t be the first millionaire to make his fortune in space. Richard Branson beat him by nine days when his Virgin Galactic firm launched a sub-orbital flight.

Here’s what you should be aware of:

1. Jeff Bezos is the founder of Amazon.

As the creator of Amazon, Bezos acquired a fortune. The business began as an online book store and was founded in Seattle, Washington in 1994. Amazon launched on July 16, 1995, according to

Bezos became a millionaire shortly after Amazon went public in 1997, and the business grew beyond books. Today, the business offers a wide range of products, including furniture, clothes, and even food.

Since then, the e-commerce behemoth has branched out into technology and streaming. According to the Wall Street Journal, Amazon Web Services’ “cloud computing division” makes for a significant part of the company’s income. Amazon’s smart speaker, Echo, was also released in 2014, according to the newspaper.

According to the Wall Street Journal, Amazon stated in 2020 that it will have more than 100 million Prime members in the United States. The free two-day delivery membership was launched in 2005. It has subsequently expanded to offer, among other things, access to streaming movies and music.

On July 5, Bezos stepped down as CEO, turning over the reins to Andy Jassy, the former CEO of Amazon Web Services. According to the Wall Street Journal, he will now serve as executive chairman, focusing on “innovation.”

2. The Washington Post, Whole Foods, and Blue Origin are all owned by Jeff Bezos.

Bezos has continued to broaden his horizons, as shown by the business behind today’s launch. According to the Wall Street Journal, Bezos created Blue Origin in 2000. He views it as his “real legacy,” according to the source, and finances it “by selling $1 billion in Amazon shares each year.”

The Washington Post was sold to Jeff Bezos for $250 million in 2013, ending the Graham family’s 80-year reign. According to the source, the paper and other assets were moved to his own investment firm, Nash Holdings.

Amazon also bought Whole Foods Markets in 2017, according to the Wall Street Journal, offering the company “roughly 470 brick-and-mortar stores and a chance to experiment in the food business.” According to Forbes, the purchase cost the firm $13.7 billion.

3. With a net worth of $211 billion, Jeff Bezos made history.

According to Forbes, Bezos became the world’s wealthiest man in 2017, when his fortune exceeded that of Bill Gates for the first time. Microsoft’s founder is now ranked fourth in the world, $75 billion behind Amazon’s Jeff Bezos.

According to Fortune, Elon Musk, a tech heavyweight, overtook Bezos as the world’s wealthiest man earlier this year. However, according to the newspaper, Bezos has held the position since March 2021.

According to Bloomberg Wealth, Bezos was once worth a record-breaking $211 billion. According to the source, this surpassed the previous record of $210 billion established by SpaceX creator Elon Musk.

4. In 2019, Bezos and his ex-wife MacKenzie Scott divorced.

According to the Wall Street Journal, Bezos’ ex-wife MacKenzie Scott worked as an accountant when Amazon was established. Despite the National Enquirer’s allegations that he was having an affair, the former couple announced their decision to split in January 2019.

“We’ve had such a fantastic life together as a married couple, and we also see beautiful possibilities ahead, as parents, friends, partners in enterprises and projects, and as individuals pursuing endeavors and adventures,” they said in a joint statement.

Later that year, when Bezos and Scott divorced, she got $38.3 billion in Amazon shares. She disclosed all of her holdings in The Washington Post and Blue Origin, as well as 75 percent of their joint Amazon shares, in a Twitter message. Bezos was also given voting rights over her stock.

According to Reuters, the 51-year-old has promised to donate half of her wealth to charity, joining Warren Buffett and Bill Gates’ “Giving Pledge.”

5. The Bezos Earth Fund was established by Jeff Bezos.

Bezos announced on Instagram in February 2020 that he was donating $10 billion to the Bezos Earth Fund to combat climate change.

He captioned a picture of the Earth, “Climate change is the greatest danger to our world.” “I want to collaborate with others to both magnify existing efforts and explore new avenues for combating the catastrophic effects of climate change on the world we all share. This worldwide project will support scientists, activists, and non-governmental organizations (NGOs) that are working to conserve and safeguard the natural environment. We have the ability to rescue the planet. It will require a concerted effort from large corporations, small corporations, nation governments, international organizations, and people.

The Climate and Clean Energy Equity Fund, ClimateWorks Foundation, Environmental Defense Fund, World Resources Institute, and World Wildlife Fund are among the first 16 beneficiaries of awards, which he announced on Instagram.

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Jeff Bezos is the richest person in history. He has a net worth of $160 billion and he is the founder of Reference: how did jeff bezos get rich.

Frequently Asked Questions

How did Jeff Bezos get rich so fast?

Jeff Bezos has made billions of dollars through, the online retailer he founded in 1994.

How much money does Jeff Bezos have facts?

Jeff Bezos is the founder of and currently has a net worth of $112 billion dollars.

What is a fact about Jeff Bezos?

Jeff Bezos is the founder of, which was founded in 1994.

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