Florida is stuck in the mud, and Dan Mullen is doubling down

Florida is stuck in the mud, and Dan Mullen is doubling down. Following a wild finish against LSU on Saturday night to make it back-to-back wins for Florida, head coach Dan Mullen sat down with Graham Watson of SEC Country to discuss what’s next for his team in 2019.

The “dan mullen net worth” is a story about Florida being stuck in the mud. Dan Mullen, the head coach of the Florida Gators football team is doubling down on his statement that he’s not going anywhere.

It’s tempting to look at Florida’s defeat to Georgia on Saturday through the prism of the 212 minutes that transpired in Jacksonville before halftime. That’s when James Cook scored on an 11-yard run, Kearis Jackson snagged a 36-yard touchdown throw from Stetson Bennett, and Nakobe Dean intercepted a ball and returned it 50 yards for a pick-six.

A hard-fought 3-0 game turned into a 24-0 rout and, eventually, a humiliating 34-7 loss that appeared to put Gators coach Dan Mullen on the hot seat only five months after receiving a three-year contract extension and a raise in his salary to $7.6 million per year, making him the fifth highest-paid coach in college football.

Those 212 minutes, taken literally, aren’t the reason Mullen is facing doubts about the program’s future. Neither is the loss of a loved one. Georgia is and was rated first for a reason, and Florida was, after all, a 14-point underdog.

But extrapolate those 212 minutes to the previous 212 months and a year, and it’s evident why the Gators are causing so much consternation these days.

This squad was confident a year ago after defeating Georgia by two touchdowns, was in the College Football Playoff chase, and had a Heisman Trophy finalist at quarterback. That now seems to be an illusion. Not only did the Gators miss out on the playoffs, but they also lost their last three games of the season, forcing them to part ways with their prized quarterback and first-round receiver and tight end choices.

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They’ve gone 4-7 in their last 11 games (4-4 on the season), their offense has slowed, and their defense continues to let them down. And it’s all due to Mullen’s choices: judgments made on the recruiting path, staying too long with his longstanding backup quarterback, and refusing to fire his stumbling defensive coordinator.

Mullen said after Saturday’s setback, “Looking at us right now, we’re not where we want to be.”

To depict the season, he adopted a metaphor: one endless tug-of-war. And the rope is sliding right now, he continued.

“Dropping the rope isn’t going to help,” he said. “Grasping the rope and holding on firmly does, as does squeezing the rope while it burns. And I’ll say this about myself: I don’t let go of the rope. I’m not going to let you take it from my grip. You may pull my face around if you want, but I’m going to clutch it and refuse to let go. I’m not going to let an inch of that rope go, and I’m certain that neither will our players.”

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Mullen was questioned about possible coaching changes after the defense surrendered 321 running yards in a defeat against LSU last month.

“I’m sure we’ve got a number of contracts up at some time,” he added, “and that’s something we’ll look at after the season when it’s more appropriate to do those things.”

Perhaps now is the time, with the team’s record at 4-4 and the program’s momentum plainly pointing in the wrong way. With games against unranked South Carolina, Samford, Missouri, and Florida State left, the Gators have a chance to reset.

Mullen is plainly losing the tug-of-war game, to use his own metaphor.

Instead of gripping harder and being pulled further into the muck, maybe it’s time to find a new grasp, salvage what’s left of the season, and start planning for next year.

His attitude, though, does not seem to be altering. Mullen was questioned about recruiting again during a press conference on Monday.

“We’re in the season right now,” he added, annoyed by the questioning’s persistence. “After the season, we’ll conduct recruiting.”

The “florida football coach history” is a story that has been going on for quite some time. Florida has been stuck in the mud for years, but new head coach Dan Mullen is doubling down on his commitment to the program.

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