AT&T TV NOW vs YouTube TV: Best for Channels?

YouTube TV is a new streaming service that offers over 40 live channels, without the need for cable or satellite subscriptions. AT&T TV NOW only has access to 10 of YouTube’s top networks and costs $35 per month. Which one should you get?

AT&T TV NOW vs YouTube TV: Best for Channels?

AT&T TV NOW and YouTube TV is a service that allows you to watch is a service that allows you to watch is a service that allows you to watch are two prominent live TV streaming services that range in pricing and channels, making it tough to choose which is the best overall. However, if you want the most channels for the least amount of money, YouTube TV is the greatest option.


It’s not simple to choose a live TV streaming provider. While there are several alternatives currently available at various price ranges, concentrating just on pricing may sometimes be a mistake.

If the cheaper service doesn’t contain the channels you want, for example, there’s no use in sticking with it since you shouldn’t be paying for channels you don’t want, but rather for the ones you want.


We’ll examine at the channel lineups for AT&T TV NOW and YouTube TV in detail in this guide. Following a quick review of each service’s plans and rates, every channel presently provided by AT&T TV NOW and YouTube TV will be compared. In addition, we’ll point you which channels are available with one subscription but not with the other.

By the conclusion of this article, you should be able to tell which of these two services is better for your individual channel requirements. You may also skip to a certain area using the links below.

Plans and pricing for AT&T TV NOW

AT&T TV NOW, formerly known as DIRECTV NOW, experienced a substantial rebranding in 2019, which had an impact on both the pricing and the channel list.

AT&T TV NOW isn’t the only live TV service available via AT&T. Live TV channels are also available through AT&T’s other services, such as AT&T TV, DIRECTV, U-verse, and WatchTV. AT&T TV NOW, on the other hand, is one of AT&T’s most affordable video options, with prices lower than AT&T TV, DIRECTV, and U-verse.

AT&T TV NOW Roku appAT&T TV is now available on Roku.

The cost of AT&T TV NOW is determined on the plan you choose, with two options: Plus and Max.

While AT&T TV NOW plans are not the only ones offered, the others are more costly and unable to see on the company’s website. In general, AT&T TV NOW’s major plans are deemed Plus and Max.


  • Plus, at $55 per month (45+ channels), you get a lot more.
  • Monthly maximum: $80 (60+ channels)
    • HBO is included.
    • Cinemax is included.

Plans and costs for YouTube TV

YouTube TV, like AT&T TV NOW, is a live streaming service that gives you access to live TV channels via the internet.

Unlike AT&T, though, YouTube does not provide any extra means to watch live TV. You may either use the YouTube TV service or go with a different supplier.

YouTube TV streamingYouTube TV

YouTube TV is a lot newer service than AT&T TV NOW, yet despite the age gap, it already has more customers.

There is presently just one option available on YouTube TV, which costs $50 per month. The goal is to make things as simple as possible, with no convoluted plans to pick from and no push to upgrade to a more costly plan in order to access the channels you want.

On the other hand, you don’t have much of a choice. Because there is just one plan available, the pricing and channel choices are limited.

  • $60 per month (70+ channels) for YouTube TV

List of AT&T TV NOW channels vs. YouTube TV channels

The channels presently accessible with AT&T TV NOW and YouTube TV are listed below. To see whether a channel is available, scroll down and look for a check mark in the AT&T TV NOW or YouTube TV column.

Channels Plus Max YouTube TV
ABC News    
ACC (Association of Colleges and Universities) Network    
Swimming for Adults    
Animal Planet is a television network dedicated to animals. is a television network dedicated to animals. is a television network dedicated to animals.    
World News from the BBC    
Cartoon Network is a television network that airs cartoon
CBS Sports Network is a cable television network that broadcasts sports is a cable television network that broadcasts sports  
Big Cheddar Updates    
Cheddar Enterprises    
Cheddar Updates    
CNBC International
Comedy Central is a television network that broadcasts come is a television network that broadcasts come is a television network that broadcasts come  
Court TV    
Cozi TV    
Disney Channel is a television network owned by Disney.
Disney Junior is a children’s television show produced
Disney XD
The The The Food Network is a television network that broadcasts is a television network that broadcasts is a television network that broadcasts    
Fox Business Network is a television network that broadcasts business news
The Fox News Channel is a television network that broadcasts news
1 Fox Sports
Fox Sports 2 (Fox Sports 2) (Fox Sports 2)  
The FX Movie Channel is a cable channel that broadcasts movies.
Golf Channel is a television channel that broadcasts golf  
The The The Hallmark Channel is a cable television network that broadcasts is a cable television network that broadcasts is a cable television network that broadcasts  
HBO 2    
Family on HBO    
HBO Latino is a channel on HBO that focuses on is a channel on HBO that focuses on    
Discovery of the investigation    
Longhorn Network is a group of people that work together to is a group of people that work together to    
MLB Network is a television network that broadcasts baseball is a television network that broadcasts baseball is a television network that broadcasts baseball    
My Network Television
WILD from Nat Geo
National Geographic is a magazine published by National Geographic.
NBA TV    
NBCUniverso is a production company owned by NBC.    
Nick Jr.  
Channel Olympic  
PBS Kids    
QVC 2  
SEC (Security Exchange Commission) Network  
Smithsonian Channel (Smithsonian Channel) (Smithsonian Channel) (Smithsonian Channel)    
Sounders FC is a professional soccer team based in Seattle is a professional soccer team based in Seattle is a professional soccer team based in Seattle    
Start TV    
Sundance Television    
Spectrum SportsNet is a cable television network that broadcasts sports    
Tennis Channel is a channel dedicated to tennis. is a channel dedicated to tennis. is a channel dedicated to tennis.  
The The The Travel Channel is a television network that broadcasts is a television network that broadcasts is a television network that broadcasts    
TV Land    
Universal Children’s
Network of the United States of America
WE tv    
The YES Network is a non-profit organization that promotes    

Channels from AT&T TV NOW aren’t available on YouTube TV.

With its Plus package, AT&T promises to provide more than 45 channels, while YouTube TV claims to have more than 70. While YouTube TV has a larger number of channels overall, the question is whether it has the channels you desire.

AT&T TV NOW Plus is a service provided by AT&T. channels that aren’t available on YouTube TV:

  • AccuWeather
  • BET
  • Boomerang
  • Comedy Central
  • Hallmark Channel
  • MTV
  • Nick Jr.
  • Nickelodeon
  • Ovation
  • QVC
  • QVC2
  • Revolt
  • VH1

The Max package from AT&T TV NOW brings the total number of channels to over 60. This aligns the strategy with the amount of channels available on YouTube TV. However, it raises the monthly fee to $80. As a result of the price hike, Max is now $30 per month more costly than YouTube TV.

Channels available on AT&T TV Now Max that aren’t available on YouTube TV:

  • AccuWeather
  • BET
  • Boomerang
  • Cinemax
  • CMT
  • Comedy Central
  • Hallmark Channel
  • HBO
  • Family on HBO
  • HBO Latino
  • Longhorn Network
  • MSG
  • MSG+
  • MTV
  • Nick Jr.
  • Nickelodeon
  • Ovation
  • Paramount
  • Revolt
  • TV Land
  • VH1

AT&T TV NOW doesn’t have any YouTube TV channels.

Although YouTube TV has more channels than the Plus and Max subscriptions, the additional channels should only be seen if they are ones you like.

AT&T TV NOW Plus does not feature YouTube TV channels. :

  • ABC News
  • ACCN
  • Swimming for Adults
  • AMC
  • Animal Planet
  • BBC
  • World News from the BBC
  • BTN
  • CBS Sports Network
  • Big Cheddar Updates
  • Cheddar Enterprises
  • Cheddar News
  • Comet
  • Court TV
  • Cozi TV
  • Decades
  • Discovery
  • Food Network
  • Fox Sports 2
  • HGTV
  • IFC
  • Discovery of the investigation
  • LAFC
  • MLB Network
  • Motortrend
  • NBA TV
  • NBC Golf
  • NBCUniverso is a production company owned by NBC.
  • NECN
  • NESN
  • Newsy
  • Channel Olympic
  • OWN
  • PBS
  • PBS Kids
  • POP
  • SEC (Security Exchange Commission) Network
  • Smithsonian Channel
  • SNY
  • Sounders FC
  • Start TV
  • Sundance Television
  • Tastemade
  • Tennis Channel
  • TLC
  • Travel Channel
  • TYT
  • WE tv

Despite the fact that AT&T TV NOW’s Max package costs $30 more per month, it features less channels overall. Quality and quantity, on the other hand, are not the same thing. For some, it may be worth paying a higher monthly fee even if it means seeing fewer channels.

Max AT&T TV NOW does not contain YouTube TV channels.

  • ABC News
  • ACCN
  • Swimming for Adults
  • AMC
  • Animal Planet
  • BBC
  • World News from the BBC
  • Big Cheddar News
  • Cheddar Enterprises
  • Cheddar News
  • Comet
  • Court TV
  • Cozi TV
  • Decades
  • Discovery
  • Food Network
  • HGTV
  • IFC
  • Discovery of the investigation
  • LAFC
  • MLB Network
  • Motortrend
  • NBA TV
  • NBCUniverso is a production company owned by NBC.
  • NECN
  • NESN
  • Newsy
  • OWN
  • PBS
  • PBS Kids
  • POP
  • Smithsonian Channel
  • SNY
  • Sounders FC
  • Start TV
  • Sundance Television
  • Tastemade
  • Tennis Channel
  • TLC
  • Travel Channel
  • TYT
  • WE tv

Additional (paid) channels are available.

Additional premium channels are available via AT&T TV NOW and YouTube TV. These are additional channels that you may pay for in addition to your basic live TV streaming subscription.

Due to the fact that they are add-on channels, customers must pay an extra cost, which varies based on the channel.

HBO Max and Cinemax are the sole exceptions, since both are included in the AT&T TV NOW Max package at no additional cost. While the Max package costs $30 more per month than YouTube TV, it includes $25 worth of premium channels for free.

Premium channel comparison: AT&T TV NOW vs. YouTube TV:

Channels with Extra Value AT&T TV NOW Plus AT&T TV NOW Max YouTube TV
Premiere on AMC    
Cinemax ✔ (free)  
FOX Soccer Plus is a television channel that broadcasts soccer matches.    
HBO Max ✔ (free)  
NBA League Pass is a subscription service that allows you to watch    
Now is the time to go to Sundance.    

Which is better for channels: AT&T TV NOW or YouTube TV?

Finally, the ideal service for you is the one that provides you with the channels you want, and only you can choose that. There are, however, certain general considerations that should make the selection a bit simpler. HBO Max and Cinemax are the first two.

Is HBO Max or Cinemax required?

Identifying if you need HBO Max or Cinemax might assist you in choosing between the two services. This is particularly true if you already have both subscriptions.

HBO Max costs $15 and Cinemax costs $11, respectively. As a result, paying $26 per month for both will save you money. The Max plans from AT&T TV NOW, on the other hand, offer both of these channels for free.

When compared to YouTube TV, this savings practically cancels out the extra $30 AT&T charges for the Max package. If you intend to, or already do, subscribe to HBO Max and Cinemax, and the Max channel list above meets your requirements, AT&T TV NOW and Max may be the best choice.

Do you just want as many channels as possible?

If you define value primarily in terms of quantity, YouTube TV is the superior choice. Similarly, if you’re only interested in paying the least amount of money for the most channels, YouTube TV will be your best choice.

YouTube TV is $5 cheaper than AT&T TV NOW’s basic package, but it comes with a lot more channels. It even has more channels than AT&T TV NOW’s Max package, despite the fact that Max is $30 more per month.

Even if you paid for HBO Max and Cinemax individually, you’d still save $6 each month compared to the Max plan. You would, however, have access to a greater number of channels, including premium material.

When it comes to channel/dollar ratio, YouTube TV comes out on top in our comparison.

Alternatives to AT&T TV NOW and YouTube TV

Because AT&T TV NOW and YouTube TV have a lot of channel overlap, you’ll probably receive a lot of the same popular channels regardless of which package you choose. As a result, deciding on the ideal solution for you should be based on broader channel questions. For instance, do you prefer more channels or HBO Max?

If none of these channel lineups meet your requirements, bear in mind that these are only two of the live TV streaming options available right now. The live TV streaming business is booming right now, which is fantastic news for customers.

Alternatives to AT&T TV NOW and YouTube TV include:

Check out our frequently updated live TV streaming service pricing and deal guide to see how these other services compare to AT&T TV NOW and YouTube TV right now.



A diplomatic boycott of the Beijing 2022 Olympics is “something we’re exploring,” according to US President Joe Biden. On November 18, he made the comment during a meeting with Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau in the Oval Office of the White House.

The query elicited no answer from Trudeau. On November 17, CNN was informed by a White House source that Biden will not attend the games, which are set for February 4-20, 2022.

A diplomatic boycott of the Winter Olympics would bar US officials from attending the games, but athletes would still be able to compete, according to The Hill.

The International Olympic Committee has previously said that the Beijing Olympics will be available to Chinese visitors but not to tourists from other countries, according to CNN.

Pelosi is pushing for a boycott.

Speaker Nancy Pelosi, a Democratic Party leader, had indicated support for a diplomatic boycott in May, according to The Hill. According to the news source, she said that the United States should not behave “as if nothing is wrong with the Olympics moving to China.”

Cotton calls for a “total and complete boycott.”

At a news conference, Republican Senator Tom Cotton of Arkansas said that the United States “should launch a full and comprehensive boycott of China’s genocidal Olympics.” “I hate that this would preclude nearly 300 of America’s world-class athletes from participating in the Olympics,” Cotton said in statements shared on Twitter. He said that Biden should have attempted to have the Olympics relocated to a location other than China.

The United States must boycott the Beijing Winter Olympics completely and completely. We have no choice because of the danger to our athletes and China’s crimes against humanity.

November 18, 2021 — Tom Cotton (@SenTomCotton)

The New York Times remembered that it had published an op-ed essay by U.S. President Barack Obama regarding the Beijing Olympics.

On Eunomia, you may discuss this news.

Senator Mitt Romeny, one of the organizers of the Salt Lake City Olympic Games in 2002. According to the newspaper, he advocated for a diplomatic and economic boycott that would not impede sports participation.

In 1980, President Jimmy Carter was successful in preventing American athletes from competing in the Soviet Union’s Olympic Games.

According to Frédéric Mégret of McGill University in Canada, Carter’s boycott harmed American athletes more than it harmed the Soviet Union, according to the New York Times.

South Korean disappointment

According to Kwon Mee-yoo, writing in The Korea Times, the threat of a diplomatic boycott seemed to kill any hope of South Korean President Moon Jae-in achieving a durable peace on the Korean peninsula. According to Kwon, Moon had anticipated that the presence of heads of state and diplomats at the Olympics Games would allow for informal conversations, maybe leading to a peace accord.

Moon’s chances of reaching a deal before his successor’s election next year would be shattered by a diplomatic boycott, according to Kwon.

The Beijing Olympics are the subject of “an lively discussion.”

According to the New York Times, Canada’s and European nations’ governments were encouraged to boycott the games. According to the article, US Secretary of State Antony Blinken said that America and its partners have been debating how to deal with the issue. Blinken told the publication, “It’s a lively dialogue.”


You’d be mistaken if you believed Moo Lander would be a gentle and simple journey. This 2D adventure platformer is much more than that, returning the game genre to its origins and delivering difficulties that need careful consideration and study.

The Sixth Hammer is working on Moo Lander, which will be released in Spring 2022. It’ll be playable on PC (Steam), PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch.

The Story


As Lander, you’ll talk to Hamilton (the ship’s AI) and pilot the sole surviving spacecraft in search of milk. To do so, you’ll need to find the Milk Generating Device (any ideas what it may be?).


One of the game’s most important components is milk. It boosts your ship’s defense and talents while also allowing you to access additional deadly and non-lethal abilities.

The Milk Shield will be unlocked soon after the game begins. When confronting foes, this is extremely effective for blocking assaults and redirecting attacks back at them.

On Mars, there is a game.

I died over 20 times in the first five minutes of Moo Lander, which was set on medium difficulty. Easy, medium, and hard are the three difficulty levels available. I’m pleased I didn’t make a difficult decision.


In addition to single-player, Mooltiplayer allows you and your friends to experience a variety of gaming modes, including controlling cows.


You’ll begin traversing the earth in search of an endless supply of milk, with some extremely delightful and amusing comments.

Along the journey, you’ll encounter difficult riddles and conundrums that must be solved in order to proceed farther in the game.


Almost everything in Moo Lander is going to kill you, so my advice is to avoid touching anything.

You’ll have to keep looking throughout the world for missing pieces and weaponry. Of course, the ultimate aim is to gather enough cows to provide your planet with ample milk.

An Appealing Visual Experience

After playing the longer demo for Moo Lander, I believe this game has a lot of promise. It’s far from being “just another platformer.”


The visuals were stunning; it had an Ori feel to it, with a complex assortment of enemies, surroundings, and management to equip your ship with the equipment needed to rescue your people.

Milk points may be spent on new talents and enhancements in Moo Lander’s leveling system. To deal with demonizing foes, bosses, and cows, you’ll need to think about your strategy wisely.

Moo Lander Review

Review of the Moo Lander

A hard 2D platformer featuring a variety of thought-provoking puzzles, diverse opponents, and a plenty of milk. Immerse yourself in the universe of Moo Lander for a visually stimulating experience that will leave you wanting more.

Unboxed Opinions

The Good
  • Challenging
  • Puzzles are difficult to solve.
  • Laughable remark
  • Various styles of play
The Negative (& Ugly)
  • There are no cut sequences that may be bypassed.
  • Tutorials and pointers vanish much too rapidly.

3.8125 5 7.6

Score from Unboxed Reviews

The Detroit Lions playing on Thanksgiving — and losing — is as much a part of the holiday as turkey, stuffing, and falling asleep on the sofa during the first quarter of a Thursday night game.

You’ve seen far too many Lions games on Thanksgiving Day, whether you saw Barry Sanders cut through defenses like Grandma’s knife or Matthew Stafford attempt to rouse his team and fall just short. Your parents, and maybe even their parents, are virtually definitely in the same predicament as you.

Since 1945, the Detroit Lions have played on Thanksgiving Day.

Because owner George A. Richards intended to draw more spectators, the @Lions started their yearly custom of playing football on Thanksgiving Day in 1934. They’ve also played on Thanksgiving every year since 1945, with a 37-41-2 record. Between 1939 and 1944, the games were interrupted due to World War II.

November 26, 2020 — Detroit Griot (@JustCallmeBHunt)

The NFL in 1934 did not resemble the 32-team league that exists today. There were only two divisions and 11 clubs in all, five of which — Detroit, Chicago, Green Bay, Philadelphia, and the New York Giants — are still active today.

That season also saw the Lions, then one of the league’s best teams, play on Thanksgiving for the first time. On November 29, 1934, Chicago beat Detroit 19-16.

Even as the NFL altered, Detroit maintained its tradition until 1938. The tradition was briefly halted when World War II broke out, however many clubs, notably the Eagles, played Thanksgiving Day games in 1939 and 1940.

From 1941 through 1944, the league did not play any games on Thanksgiving Day. The Lions resumed their holiday tradition on Nov. 22, 1945, six months after VE Day and almost three months after Japan signed the capitulation papers… They were defeated by the then-Cleveland Rams, 28-21.

Every year since then, the Lions have played on Thanksgiving Day at home. Consider how many hours you might have spent resting, watching bad movies, playing board games, or sneaking extra snacks instead of watching them lose.

Throughout World War II, the NFL made several adaptations in order to keep playing.

World War II forced the Philadelphia Eagles and Pittsburgh Steelers to become the Steagles.

World War II forced the Philadelphia Eagles and Pittsburgh Steelers to become the Steagles. In 1943, the Philadelphia-Pittsburgh Steagles, or Eagles and Steelers together, attempted to stop Washington running back Wilbur Moore | Nate Fine/NFL via Getty Images

The tales about every American contributing to World War II are not exaggerated. A large number of professional athletes were drafted or enrolled in the military. Even New York Yankees icon Joe DiMaggio, who was probably baseball’s face at the time, served in the army and played baseball while there. 

World War II “siphoned the ranks of the NFL” and produced a “serious personnel deficit,” according to the Pro Football Hall of Fame. In 1943, the Rams went on hiatus, and the Philadelphia Eagles and Pittsburgh Steelers joined to become the Phil-Pitt Combine. You’re probably more familiar with them as the Steagles, a team who went 5-4-1 against the odds.

The Carpets went 0-10 when Pittsburgh united with the then-Chicago Cardinals a year later. The Boston Yanks (a genuine name) and Brooklyn Tigers combined for the 1944 season as the Yanks, a touring team.

On a more sad note, the conflict claimed the lives of 21 persons with NFL affiliations, including 19 current or retired players, former Cardinals coach Jack Chevigny, and Eagles executive John O’Keefe.

The Lions’ Thanksgiving tradition isn’t going away anytime soon.

The Detroit Lions celebrate a Thanksgiving Day victory in 1999.

The Detroit Lions celebrate a Thanksgiving Day victory in 1999. Thanksgiving Day football for the Detroit Lions is a bitter ritual unlike any other | Jeff Kowalsky/AFP via Getty Images

Even Lions supporters are probably tired of watching their team on the field every Thanksgiving. Unfortunately for the afflicted spectators at home and at Ford Field, the NFL does not seem to be willing to make any changes anytime soon.

Despite having every reason to change the schedule and let various clubs to host games within the early window, the NFL has resisted. Never mind that the Lions have ended with a winning record in five consecutive seasons since the turn of the century – 2000, 2011, 2014, and 2016-17.

With a record of 0-9-1, we already know the Lions will have a losing season and, maybe, the first overall selection for the first time since 2009. Nonetheless, we know we’ll be seeing them play this year, next year, and most likely in 2023.

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HBO is now available as a premium add-on for AT&T WatchTV users for $14.99 per month. This is the first time AT&T has discounted an HBO membership via its low-cost live TV streaming service.


Since its inception in 2018, AT&T WatchTV has mostly been caught in a temporal loop. The service hasn’t changed much in terms of pricing or channel roster, and the overall lack of attention has led to speculation that AT&T is about to shut it down. Premium add-ons, with their correspondingly high price, are another sector that hasn’t altered much.

For a long time, HBO has been accessible to AT&T WatchTV users. However, it has always cost $17.99 a month, making it one of the most costly methods to get the service, even when compared to just subscribing to HBO. However, AT&T has reduced the price to $14.99 per month.


HBO WatchTVWatchTV (screenshot)

This seems to be a permanent pricing adjustment rather than a limited-time reduction. The former higher pricing was still in force as recently as June 12, 2020, according to a simple search on the Internet Archive.

WatchTV HBO old priceScreenshot from the cache: WatchTV (Internet Archive)

HBO’s perplexing universe

Aside from the increased cost of access to HBO via AT&T WatchTV for current AT&T users, there is still uncertainty about the HBO GO and HBO NOW applications. A degree of perplexity that only grew when HBO Max arrived on the scene, particularly because the HBO NOW app on most platforms was automatically upgraded and renamed HBO Max.

The biggest difference between GO and NOW has always been the mechanism of subscribing, which might be perplexing. For example, GO is targeted towards TV package subscribers and offers the linear versions of the channels. NOW, on the other hand, is a streaming-only option that does not need the purchase of a separate plan or bundle. The HBO subscription provided via AT&T WatchTV has always been the GO version, despite the fact that it is not a regular TV package. The higher price point has been defended by AT&T for a variety of reasons, including access to the linear versions of the channels.

AT&T has announced that the HBO GO version of the app would be discontinued on July 31, 2020, with the HBO NOW app being rebranded as the normal HBO app for devices that have not yet been upgraded to HBO Max.

The #HBOGO app will no longer be accessible on most smartphones after July 31, 2020. By downloading the HBO Max app, you’ll be able to watch all of HBO as well as a lot more. Please double-check “HBO GO is available to me. Is HBO Max available to me? “For more information, visit Thanks.

June 15, 2020 — HBO GO Help (@HBOGOhelp)

Furthermore, on the HBO Max website, AT&T WatchTV is still listed as a separate supported provider, while it is still listed as a provider on the HBO GO website.

An AT&T official indicated that if adding HBO via WatchTV, the subscriber will have access to HBO Max, not just the basic version of HBO, after contacting them through WatchTV’s online chat.

If the report is true, the price drop from $17.99 to $14.99 would appear to indicate that AT&T WatchTV’s HBO access is moving away from the GO side and toward the streaming side of HBO NOW/Max. The firm provides HBO via AT&T TV NOW, same to how it does with AT&T TV.

If that’s the case, adding HBO through AT&T WatchTV may be a more practical choice than it was before.

AT&T WatchTV is the source of this information.

Writing is not a talent that most people are born with. Writing may be challenging, and we’ve all encountered individuals whose writing is difficult to decipher or incomprehensible. Indeed, overcoming the various hurdles posed by others’ poor writing abilities, which may not only cause confusion but also lead to conflict owing to misunderstandings, is one of the most difficult aspects of our largely online existence. However, many people ask why we need solid writing abilities at a time when video is becoming a more important part of our mediated communication. 

We’ll look at some of the reasons why solid writing abilities are crucial in this post. Let’s start with the most apparent one.


People make assumptions about you based on your writing.

We tend to criticize other people based on how effectively they communicate, which is neither pleasant nor valid. According to research, when you speak clearly and efficiently, you are seen as brighter, more competent, and more likable than when you do not. As a result, if your writing is illegible, complex, or difficult to understand, others who are attempting to decipher it will assume you are less knowledgeable and competent. When your writing is clear, on the other hand, people will see you as more clever and competent. You want to create the best possible first impression.


The growth of so-called “text-speak” in formal writing is a consequence to this. Employers and educators have been complaining about the increasing use of online lingo and acronyms in official writing for the last decade. For example, an increasing number of kids use the words “through” instead of “through” and “u” instead of “you” in their writing. The use of “lol” or other internet acronyms and slang in official writing is becoming more common. This is troublesome not just because it may confuse readers who are unfamiliar with internet jargon, but also because it conveys the appearance that the writer is uninterested and untrained in elite writing traditions.

Get Ahead in School

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Writing is a Crucial Business Ability

Great oral and written communication skills are the most prevalent employment need across the board, and you should be able to exhibit your strong writing abilities to increase your chances of getting considered for the job of your dreams. This is true not just for careers that seem to be dependent on writing, such as journalism and public relations, but for employment at all levels. Many jobs, for example, may demand you to write reports, memos, or even funding requests, all of which must be written correctly so that your supervisors, customers, and contractors can comprehend and act on what you’ve written. Indeed, writing abilities are so highly valued in the corporate world that businesses have long complained that schools and universities aren’t doing enough to prepare students for success in the job.


Because business writing skills are so important, it’s fairly uncommon for firms to provide new workers writing exams to assess their abilities. As a condition of employment, workers have been obliged to attend remedial business writing training in certain situations. You want to prevent humiliation and putting prospective employers on the spot by proving that you will arrive at your new job with all of the necessary abilities.

Obtaining Your Objectives

It’s not only about providing companies what they want when it comes to good writing abilities. They’re also about achieving your goals. You won’t be able to obtain the help you need when you need it if you can’t state your requests and concerns in straightforward terms. Consider the situation when you need to explain to an online seller why you need to return a product you bought, and your reason does not fit one of the drop-down menu’s pre-selected alternatives, or the store demands a written explanation. It’s doubtful that you’ll be able to properly return an item if you can’t communicate your desire in a clear and understandable manner.


Age of Empires 4 Ranked Mode Icons Reveal Potential Ranks and Placement Match Number

The icons for Age of Empires 4’s ranked mode have been revealed, showing the probable names of the game’s ranks as well as the amount of placement matches required to climb the game’s competitive ladder.

The ranked seasons for Age of Empires 4 won’t be released until the first half of next year, but that hasn’t prevented gamers from demanding them and searching into the game’s files for additional information.

Age of Empires 4 Ranked Mode Icons Reveal Potential Ranks and Placement Match Number

Age of Empires 4 Ranked Mode Icons Reveal Potential Ranks and Placement Match Number

By changing parts of the game’s texture files, Reddit user ToraxXx discovered Age of Empires 4’s ranked mode icons. Looking at them, the forthcoming seasons seem to have a total of six rankings, each divided into three sub-ranks, as follows:

  • III Bronze
  • II Bronze
  • Bronze I
  • II Silver
  • Silver I
  • Gold III
  • Gold II
  • Gold I
  • I have platinum.I is the sequel to Platinum.I is the third level of platinum.
  • Platinum II
  • Platinum I
  • Diamond No. 3
  • Diamond No. 2
  • Diamond No. 1
  • I, the ConquerorI is the sequel to Conqueror.I is the third installment in the series.
  • Conqueror II
  • Conqueror I

Reddit user -MugenNoSora- identified these names of Age of Empires 4’s ranks previously, during the game’s stress test.

Players will have to go through five placement matches before being awarded a rating and being able to climb the mode’s ladder, according to the discovered icons.

The roadmap for Age of Empires 4 reveals that ranked seasons will begin in Spring 2022, with each season lasting 12 weeks. Take the aforementioned results with a grain of salt since their structure and incentives have yet to be fully described.

Before that, the winter update for Age of Empires 4 is expected to include over 100 balancing and bug fixes. If you haven’t picked up the game yet but are thinking about it as the holidays approach, check out our review to see what we thought.

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The Dallas Cowboys are preparing for a critical Thanksgiving Day battle against the Las Vegas Raiders. They won’t be able to do so since Pro Bowl wide receiver Amari Cooper is sidelined for the second straight game due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) protocol. Jerry Jones isn’t happy with the way Cooper’s absence has affected the club.

Amari Cooper, a wide receiver for the Dallas Cowboys, will miss the Thanksgiving Day game.

The Dallas Cowboys have put Amari Cooper on the reserve/COVID-19 list for the second consecutive game.

Before Dallas’ Week 11 game against the Kansas City Chiefs, the Alabama product was on the list. Given the short week, a revenge game against the Las Vegas Raiders is also out of the question.

Cooper must be quarantined for ten days because he is unprotected against coronavirus, according to NFL rules.

Cooper’s absence has been a major setback for a Cowboys club battling for NFC playoff positioning.

The game against the Raiders was also crucial for the Pro Bowl wide receiver. Cooper was selected in the first round of the 2015 NFL Draft by the Raiders. After 3.5 seasons with Oakland, they traded him to Dallas.

The Raiders’ general office moved on due to inconsistent productivity, but the seventh-year receiver has been a picture of consistency since landing in Dallas.

Amari Cooper must return to the field for the Cowboys.

Jerry Jones makes a subtle dig at the Pro Bowl wideout.

Jerry Jones walks on field before Cowboys game; Wide receiver Amari Cooper leaves field after a game

Jerry Jones walks on field before Cowboys game; Wide receiver Amari Cooper leaves field after a game Before the game against the New York Giants, Jerry Jones observes | Elsa/Getty Images Amari Cooper of the Dallas Cowboys poses after the game against the Philadelphia Eagles | Mitchell Leff/Getty Images

Jerry Jones expects a lot from his Dallas Cowboys. For the most part, the 2021 team has performed well, but their performance versus the Kansas City Chiefs was a significant disappointment.

There were a lot of eyes on that game, and Jones couldn’t have been pleased with what he witnessed on the field. The Cowboys need all hands on deck if they want to compete for a Super Bowl.

Jones finally spoke out on Amari Cooper’s absence from the starting lineup in a recent interview.

“First and foremost, if he had been vaccinated, he would not have been tested,” Jones told WFAA’s Mark Lane. “Had he been inoculated, No. 1, he may have played.” No. 2, when you’ve been checked and vaccinated, you may return sooner.”

Cooper would have been eligible to play versus Las Vegas if he had been immunized before to the season, according to Jones. He also didn’t stop there.

“In the NFL, there is a high alert for unvaccinated athletes,” he stated. “And we’re going through a textbook instance of how things might have turned out differently if we’d been vaccinated.”

Jones went on to say that he doesn’t doubt Cooper’s character, but he doesn’t like the effect Cooper’s absence is having on the Cowboys.

In a football team, you check’me’ at the door,” Jones said. “When you step into the locker room, it’s a ‘we’ thing, and anybody can be depended on to do their weight.” This is, at the end of the day, a team. You can’t win anything on your own. It popped us, that’s the objective. “This popped us.”

When Cooper isn’t on the field, Dallas’ offense suffers.

Amari Cooper’s impact is much more than his average of 5 receptions for 64 yards this season.

November 21, 2021 — David Helman (@HelmanDC)

In one respect, Jerry Jones is correct. The Dallas Cowboys were affected by Amari Cooper’s absence on the field.

For the most of the 2021 NFL season, offensive coordinator Kellen Moore’s offense has been on fire. One of the most explosive offenses in football is the league’s third-ranked unit.

With the exception of two games this season, the Cowboys have averaged 380 total yards per game. The first was the disappointing defeat to the Denver Broncos in a landslide. The second was their most recent defeat, which came against the Kansas City Chiefs.

Dallas’ offense was unable to establish a rhythm against the Chiefs, whose defense has vastly improved in recent weeks.

Cooper’s absence has far-reaching consequences that go beyond the statistics. Only two monstrous stat lines have been posted by the veteran wideout in 2021. When healthy, he’s unquestionably one of the best pass catchers in the NFL.

Cooper normally takes a position on the periphery of the line. CeeDee Lamb, his running companion, is often used out of the slot by the Cowboys. With Cooper out, the club was forced to move Lamb outside, which isn’t where he excels.

Dallas is still waiting for Michael Gallup to explode after Cedrick Wilson faltered against the Chiefs.

Jerry Jones will not be pleased if the offense does not improve against the Raiders.

Pro Football Reference provided all stats.

Dak Prescott and the struggling Cowboys are in desperate need of a Thanksgiving miracle after Amari Cooper’s risky decision.

Many Fox Sports channels have been renamed and rebranded as Bally Sports. Bally Sports is made up of 19 separate regional sports networks and will therefore affect a large number of sports fans throughout the United States. However, except from the networks’ names and branding, and the Fox Sports app, which has now become the Bally Sports app, not much is changing for the time being.


Many Fox Sports stations and RSNs have gotten more difficult to access in recent years. This is due to the absence of a partnership with numerous live TV providers and who owns the rights to certain Fox Sports networks. Sinclair Broadcast Group owns or operates these RSNs, and in recent years, fuboTV, Hulu Live TV, Sling TV, and YouTube TV have all ditched these RSNs after failing to agree to new conditions.

Viewers have few alternatives when it comes to accessing their local RSN and viewing live sports now that so many of the big live TV streaming providers have severed their partnerships with these regional sports channels. Sinclair Broadcast Group and Bally’s Corporation, on the other hand, inked their own pact in late 2020 to not only rename the channels, but also to start a new chapter in how they are accessible.


Bally Sports has rebranded Fox Sports.

For the record, not all Fox Sports channels are included in this contract, which is subject to change. Fox Sports 1 and Fox Sports 2 are not, for example. The discrepancy is mostly due to a transaction that took place in 2019. In order to secure regulatory permission for the multibillion-dollar acquisition of 21st Century Fox, The Walt Disney Company decided to sell a number of channels. Sinclair later purchased 21 Fox regional sports networks as a consequence of this.

However, not all of Fox’s 21 regional sports networks have been renamed Bally Sports. Instead, Fox Sports Carolina and Fox Sports Tennessee have been shuttered, leaving just 19 to make the transfer. Sports South and Sports Southeast, which formerly provided content and local live sports, are now accessible via Sports South and Sports Southeast, respectively.

RSNs from Fox Sports that have switched to Bally Sports include:

Fox Channel from the past Bally has launched a new channel.
Arizona Fox Sports Arizona’s Bally Sports
Fox Sports Detroit is a local television station in Detroit. Detroit’s Bally Sports
Fox Sports Florida is a local television network based in Florida Florida’s Bally Sports
Ohio Sports Time Great Lakes Bally Sports
Kansas City, Missouri is home to Fox Sports. Kansas City’s Bally Sports
Indiana Fox Sports Indiana’s Bally Sports
Fox Sports Midwest is a regional sports network based in the Midwest Bally Sports
New Orleans Fox Sports New Orleans’ Bally Sports
Fox Sports North is a regional sports network in Canada. North Bally Sports
Ohio’s Fox Sports Ohio’s Bally Sports
Oklahoma Fox Sports Oklahoma is home to Bally Sports.
San Diego Fox Sports San Diego’s Bally Sports
Ticket to the Top SoCal Bally Sports
Fox Sports South is a regional sports network based in the South Bally Sports
Southeast Fox Sports Southeast Bally Sports
Southwest Fox Sports Southwest Bally Sports
Sun Fox Sports Sun Bally Sports
Fox Sports West is a regional sports network based in California West Bally Sports
Wisconsin Fox Sports Wisconsin’s Bally Sports

What to anticipate and how to watch

Aside from the renaming, the change isn’t that significant right now. In the future, the two organizations hope to enhance functionality, with a focus on betting and other sports-related elements that take use of technological improvements. While these new capabilities will gradually be incorporated into the experience, users should not notice a significant difference in how they access these channels. The channels, for example, are all the same, with the same content, and are all available via the same live TV providers, whether streaming, cable, or satellite.

The Fox Sports app has changed its name to Bally Sports. In terms of what was there previously, not much has changed, but the app is likely to be where consumers will encounter more of the new interactive features and activities. The long-term objective is to improve not just betting functionality and engagement, but also to make the experience more sociable. This is something that’s likely to be best provided (at least at first) through Android and iOS applications, with users likely to notice more changes in those apps.


The Bally Sports app is another option to view live sporting events and competitions. Consumers may log in and watch using their current live TV provider subscription credentials, which is another example of TV Everywhere integration. To put it another way, they’ll still require a current membership that includes access to local RSNs and channels through the Bally Sports app.

Summary of the rebranding of Bally Sports

Fox Sports has changed its name to Bally Sports. This, however, only applies to Fox’s regional sports networks, which number 19 in total. Any other Fox Sports named or branded channels, including Fox Sports 1 and Fox Sports 2, are unaffected by the change and will continue to operate as they did before, with the exception of Fox Sports Carolina and Fox Sports Tennessee, which have been folded into Bally Sports South and Bally Sports Southeast, and the 19 Fox RSNs owned and operated by Sinclair.

From the standpoint of the customer, the switch to Bally Sports should not affect how they now access the channels or local live sports. They will, however, most certainly meet new features as Sinclair and Bally’s cooperation evolves and expands.

Discover all of the significant transactions and see how we ranked the biggest acquisitions during the summer transfer season, which was unlike any other. Even if the window is closed until January, the rumors will continue to circulate. Here’s the most recent rumors and conjecture.

Man United have entered the Vlahovic race.

According to the Daily Mail, Manchester United has entered the battle for highly coveted striker Dusan Vlahovic.

The 21-year-old has turned down a new contract with Fiorentina, and with his contract expiring in 2023, a number of teams are reportedly interested in signing him. Tottenham Hotspur, Arsenal, Newcastle United, AC Milan, and Juventus have all been associated with the deal, with United now being mentioned.

2 Related

The Red Devils are reportedly keeping an eye on the striker, who has 10 goals and three assists in 13 Serie A outings this season.

The attacker has had a spectacular rise in the previous year, scoring 21 goals in 37 league games and receiving a call-up to the senior Serbian national team.

With his current deal set to expire in a year and a half, rumors have claimed that clubs may attempt to sign him for a reduced price.

With current striker Edinson Cavani’s contract with the club set to expire at the conclusion of the season, a transfer to Old Trafford would be a long-term investment. Cristiano Ronaldo, the team’s forward, will also be out of contract in the near future, with his contract set to expire in 2023.

– LaLiga, Bundesliga, MLS, FA Cup, and more on ESPN+ (U.S.) – Watch ESPN FC every day on ESPN+ (U.S. only) – Don’t have access to ESPN? Get immediate access

Dusan Vlahovic is quickly establishing himself as one of the most sought-after players in the world. Is it possible for Manchester United to entice him to Old Trafford? Insidefoto/LightRocket/Andrea Staccioli


– According to Mundo Deportivo, many Premier League teams are interested in Barcelona teenager Ronald Araujo. The present contract of the 22-year-old ends in 2023, although it has a €200 million release clause. Due of his shrinking contract, certain English teams are thought to be watching the centre-back. A prospective move is said to be on the table.

– According to Calciomercato, Manchester City and striker Gabriel Jesus are negotiating the striker’s contract extension. The Brazil international’s current contract with the club ends in 2023, but Pep Guardiola hopes he will extend it.

– According to El Nacional, Barcelona might use summer acquisition Memphis Depay to sign Erling Haaland. According to the report, Juventus were interested in signing Depay during the summer window, but he chose to stay in Spain instead. With Xavi reportedly seeking a transfer to Haaland, a bid of about €60 million may be enough to persuade the Netherlands international to depart.

– According to Tuttosport, Newcastle and Juventus are battling it out for the signing of midfielder Axel Witsel. Despite being a regular for the Bundesliga club, the 32-year-contract old’s with Borussia Dortmund ends in the summer and is unlikely to be extended.

– According to Calciomercato, Bundesliga club Hertha Berlin is interested in signing AC Milan winger Samu Castillejo. The 26-year-old is out of favor at Milan, having only made three substitute appearances in Serie A this season.

Stellaris 3.3 Update Release Date - Here's When the Next Patch Launches

Stellaris quickly established itself as a key game in Paradox Interactive’s catalog, and users are asking when the 3.3 update would be released, since it continues to get both paid expansions and free fixes.

The 3.3 update for Stellaris is one of the game’s post-Custodian initiative updates, which saw the grand strategy game’s development crew divided in half, with one half tackling expansion material and the other focused on issuing free patches every three months. This gives us a fair idea of when it could be released.

Stellaris 3.3 Update Release Date - Here's When the Next Patch Launches

Stellaris 3.3 Update Release Date - Here's When the Next Patch Launches

Following the November release of the Herbert patch, which came with the game’s Aquatic Species Pack, Stellaris’ 3.3 Update is set to arrive in February 2022. Although it hasn’t been given a name yet, there’s a strong possibility it won’t deviate from precedent and be named after a well-known science fiction author in the future.

The Stellaris 3.3 patch will be released in February 2022, according to Paradox Development Studio, who also revealed a few insights regarding its features.

  • Stellaris 3.3 Update is scheduled to be released in February 2022.

The Unity revamp, which was first reported in June 2021, will be included in the update, but we’ll have to wait a little longer for details on its present state. Prior to its official release, the developer is planning an open beta test.

Apart from that, it’s reasonable to expect that we’ll see additional bug fixes and minor enhancements. We’ll keep you updated as additional details become available in the coming months.

That’s all we know about the Stellaris 3.3 update’s release date for now. If you happen to be a medieval ruler who happened across this post by chance, here’s a doorway to return to your period while also knowing when Crusader Kings 3 patch 1.5 will be released.

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Tim Boyle demonstrated that no matter what your statistics suggest, you can accomplish anything. Last week, Boyle made his first career NFL start as the quarterback for the Detroit Lions, and he came close to leading the Lions to their first victory of the season.

Boyle and the Lions were defeated 13-10 by the Cleveland Browns, but he remained unflappable. We use the term “consistent” to refer to his dismal metrics. He’s accustomed to seeing ugly stats, but no matter what, he still has his own tiny fan base.

Last Saturday, Tim Boyle made his first NFL start.


Tim-Boyle-1-1024x683 On November 21, 2021, in Cleveland, Ohio, Tim Boyle of the Detroit Lions signals a first down versus the Cleveland Browns at FirstEnergy Stadium. Getty Images/Gregory Shamus

Boyle spent the previous two seasons as the Green Bay Packers’ backup quarterback. He played in 11 games throughout those two years, but only tried four passes, three of which he completed for 15 yards. Boyle became an unrestricted free agent at the conclusion of the 2020 season. With the Lions, he signed a one-year contract.

When starting quarterback Jared Goff was unable to play against the Browns last weekend, Boyle got his big chance. With an 0-8-1 record coming into the game, the Lions were in desperate need of a win. Boyle was given the starting nod in the hopes of pulling off an upset on the road and earning his first win.

The Lions stayed in there but couldn’t get the ball moving. In the first half, the Browns enjoyed a 13-0 advantage against Detroit, who was led by first-year head coach Dan Campbell. D’Andre Swift broke away for a 57-yard touchdown run in the third quarter to trim the lead to 13-7 for Detroit.

Detroit scored a field goal in the fourth quarter to make it 13-10, but that was the final score.

Boyle passed for 77 yards on 15 of 23 passing attempts. He was also intercepted twice by the Browns. For the Lions’ Thanksgiving Day game against the Chicago Bears, Goff is still a game-time decision. If he is unable to play, Boyle will likely start for the second time in his career.

Tim Boyle’s collegiate numbers were abysmal.

For the 0-8-1 Lions, Tim Boyle is making his first NFL start today.

His college statistics were… intriguing.

UConn (2013-15): 1 pass touchdown, 13 interceptions E. Kentucky (2017): 11 pass touchdowns, 13 interceptions

November 21, 2021 — NFL on CBS (@NFLonCBS)

Boyle’s career is remarkable not because he made his first start last week, but because he made it onto an NFL squad. Boyle’s college numbers aren’t very impressive.

Boyle attended UConn for his first three years of college. He played five games as a freshman, going 59-for-133 and passing for 621 yards. He threw eight interceptions and did not throw a touchdown pass. He also had a running yardage of minus 73.

As a sophomore, he participated in nine games and threw for 335 yards and 4.1 yards per pass. He threw three interceptions to one touchdown throw. Boyle went five games without throwing a touchdown pass as a junior. Boyle completed 48 percent of his throws and had one touchdown pass in three seasons at UConn. He threw 13 interceptions in his career.

After transferring to Eastern Kentucky, Boyle sat out the 2016 season and started 11 games as a redshirt senior in 2017. He threw for 2,134 yards and 11 touchdowns during his time there. Thirteen times he was intercepted.

He threw 12 touchdown passes and 26 interceptions throughout his four-year collegiate career.

Boyle’s dedication and hard work won him a chance in the NFL, and he still has a modest following base.

Boyle put forth a lot of effort to get to where he is now. Mark Elder, his head coach at Eastern Kentucky, also gave him a glowing endorsement. Elder informed NFL scouts that his quarterback has all of the necessary skills to succeed at the next level.

“He’s one of those people who has continued to be hit in the face and keep working,” Elder told The Athletic. “All I have to say is, ‘I’m going to make this happen.’”

He was the one who made it happen.

In front of his parents, fiancée, and his own little fan club — a bunch from Xavier High School in Connecticut who drove nine hours for the game — he made his first start last week in Cleveland.

Before the game, Boyle received some sound advise from Goff, which proved to be correct.

After the game, Boyle commented, “Obviously, a wonderful experience for me.” “Earlier in the week, Jared informed me that the first quarter of your first (start) is a blur, and he was completely correct. It occurred in a flash. You become comfortable with the game.”

When it came to his performance, he also talked like a seasoned pro.

“Overall, it was a positive experience,” he added, “but at the end of the day, (I) did not play well enough to win, and that is my fault.” “There’s a lot of space for improvement in that area.”

Has Every Active NFL Team Played on Thanksgiving? RELATED: Has Every Active NFL Team Played on Thanksgiving?

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